You are perfect for the Fairmont State Political Science major if you have interests in:

  • American politics
  • International relations
  • International studies
  • Division of power in society
  • Law

Political science students learn the structure of government institutions.  Our instructors focus on the political behavior of individuals and groups.  Political Science majors study common problems found in modern societies.  Before graduation, our students also understand the critical relationships between all levels of government.

The program is also designed to thoroughly prepare students for law school. Eligible students are also encouraged to intern in Washington, D.C. with the Washington Center for Internships and Academic Seminars

Career Opportunities

The obvious career path for Political Science majors is to seek government positions. Students will be prepared for that at the local, state and even national level. But, the opportunities don’t stop there.  Graduates can become a:

  • Lawyer
  • Campaign operative
  • Legislative analyst or coordinator
  • Policy analyst
  • Political researcher
  • County administrator or executive
  • High school teacher or university professor
Model Schedule(s):