Folklore studies students at Fairmont State University can take advantage of a diverse list of courses:

  • folk dancing
  • urban and pop culture
  • vintage clothing preservation
  • Appalachian literature

And, that’s just a small sample of the long list available.

All types of folklore – agricultural and industrial, rural and urban – are important in society.  Folklore studies students will graduate with an understanding of the historical relevance and present importance of folklore.

Folklore studies is a minor that ties many academic facets together including anthropology, psychology, sociology, history, philosophy, linguistics, design, and pedagogy.  It’s a perfect choice to go along with a number of FSU majors.

Career Opportunities

A folklore studies specialization prepares students for graduate studies and professional involvement. Folklore professionals can work in a number of fields including entertainment, teaching, and historical preservation.  Some opportunities include:

  • Storyteller
  • Curator
  • Archivist
  • Museum professional
  • Park manager