Criminal Justice - Graduate Program


The Master of Science in Criminal Justice program at Fairmont State University is perfect for recent undergraduates and working professionals looking for advancement.

The program is online and easily accessible. That means there’s a diverse group of students who can support each other to successfully complete their Criminal Justice graduate degree.   

Criminal Justice graduate students will learn about:

  • Criminal law and policy
  • Police and correctional systems organization
  • Administration of justice and the judiciary system
  • Public attitudes regarding criminal justice issues

Our faculty members in the Criminal Justice graduate degree program are as diverse as our students in their experiences.  They’ve worked in federal and state agencies.  They also have strong ties to local, state and national personnel and organizations.

Career Opportunities

Graduates and current students have worked for state and federal agencies as probation and parole officers, in corrections, in law enforcement and for organizations like the National White Collar Crime Center and Fusion Center.  Career opportunities for Example

  • Global intelligence
  • Forensics
  • Legal research
  • Corrections

Fairmont State offers a high quality master’s program at an affordable cost.

Graduation Tuition & Fees


Sean Marion

“The master’s program gives me firsthand experience in conducting research within the field. The classes are really relevant to the world outside of college. It’s very convenient to be able to present my questions to the faculty. I can even pick their brains about my future options. I also think the extra tier of education will give me a leg up on the competition entering the work world. After graduation, I hope to get a job in law enforcement.”

Sean Marion
Bridgeport, W.Va.
Master of Science degree in Criminal Justice


Dr. John McLaughlinDr. John McLaughlin has recently been elected to serve as an Editor of El Puente, the newsletter of the National Latino Peace Officers Association.