• What is the FAFSA?

    This is the Free Application for Federal Student Aid. This application will help determine if you are eligible for federally funded financial assistance and may be obtained on-line at http://www.fafsa.ed.gov.

  • Do you need my FAFSA information?

    In order to receive any type of Financial Assistance from Fairmont State - for grants, scholarships, or loans - we must have your FAFSA information on file.

  • How much does it cost to go to Fairmont State University?

    Estimated in state tuition, out of state tuition, additional costs and a net price calculator may be found on our website at www.fairmontstate.edu/finaid/costs/fairmont-state-university.

  • Do you offer scholarships?

    Yes. There are two sources for scholarships. Admissions Scholarships simply require that the admissions file be complete by December 15th to be considered. Foundation Scholarships require a completed scholarship application by February 1st to be considered. All scholarships will be awarded on a first-come, first-served basis until funds are exhausted. More information about scholarships may be found online at www.fairmontstate.edu/finaid/funding/scholarships.

  • How much do textbooks cost?

    We estimate that the average cost of textbooks and supplies for incoming freshmen for the academic year is $1000.00.

  • Do I have to live on campus?

    Students younger than 21 who are attending at least one class on the main campus, are required to live on campus for four semesters, unless they apply for and receive off-campus approval from the Office of Residence Life.

  • How many residence halls are there?

    There are various housing options. We have three traditional co-ed residence halls: Prichard, Pence, and Morrow Hall. Bryant Hall, completed in the fall of 2004, is a beautifully modern, suite-styled residence hall. College Park Apartments is also an option for upper-classmen ready to make the change to more independent living.

  • How much does it cost to stay in a Residence Hall?

    Residence Hall and Apartment rates can be found at http://www.fairmontstate.edu/stulife/residence-life/housing-rates.

  • Is there a deposit for the residence hall?

    You can find information regarding residence hall deposits, applications, and room assignments at http://www.fairmontstate.edu/stulife/residence-life/application-process.


  • Do you accommodate students with disabilities?

    Yes. Our campus is handicapped accessible and the Office of Disability Services can make various arrangements for students who need special accommodations. The office may be reached by calling (304) 367-4686.

  • I am hearing impaired. Do you provide TTY or VP?

    Yes. You can call 304-367-4906 for answers to your questions through TTY or call (304) 367-4072 for Video Phone.

  • I am a transfer student with college credits that are more than 20 years old. Will they transfer

    Yes, generally undergraduate credit hours do not have a time restriction for transferring. It is important for the college hours to be on a transcript from an accredited college or university.

  • How big are the classes?

    The average class size is 22 students, and our student-to-faculty ratio of 8-to-1 allows the institution to provide individual attention for every student.

  • How many majors does FSU offer?

    Over 80 Baccalaureate Degree programs, six Associate Degree programs, and five Graduate Degree programs.

  • Where is Fairmont State located?

    The main campus, which is shared with Pierpont Community & Technical College, is located in Fairmont, WV. Classes are also taught in Clarksburg, Bridgeport, and other regional locations.

  • Do you offer Intercollegiate athletics?

    Yes. Fairmont State University is a member of NCAA Division II and the West Virginia Intercollegiate Athletic Conference. We offer 15 men's and women's sports.

  • How many students attend Fairmont State?

    We have approximately 4,500 students enrolled from 25 states and 19 countries.

  • What are placement tests?

    New college students who graduated high school more than five years prior to their application date or students with low ACT/SAT sub-scores, may be required to take the COMPASS (placement test) to determine the appropriate placement in English and/or Math courses.

  • What are the requirements for acceptance into Fairmont State University?

    2.0 high school GPA and an 18 ACT composite or 870 SAT composite
    3.0 high school GPA and SAT or ACT composite regardless of score


    Transfer students from an accredited institution must have a college gpa of 2.0

  • Do you need my immunization records?

    Yes, if you were born after January 1, 1957, we will need proof of vaccination for Measles, Mumps, & Rubella (MMR).

  • How do I visit campus?

    You may register for a campus visit online at www.fairmontstate.edu/visitfsu. You will have a personal appointment with an admissions counselor and a tour of our beautiful campus. Your visit can also be customized to include appointments with an academic representative, financial aid, or other administrative offices.

  • Is there an application fee?

    We do not have an application fee for our general application for admission. However, some of our Health Career and Selective Program majors do have a $20 application fee.

  • Is there an application deadline?

    August 10, 2012 – Last day for new and readmitted students to be admitted.  All required material (application, transcripts, etc.) must be received in the Office of Enrollment Services by August 10 (not postmarked).
    Notes:  For priority registration, make sure all the pieces of your admission file are in and complete six weeks prior to the start of the semester. Double-check the requirements of your program, some ask for applications much earlier.

  • When is the best time to apply?

    First-Time Freshmen must apply by December 15th for priority consideration for academic scholarships.

  • Are freshmen allowed to have cars on campus?

    Yes. Student Parking Decals are included in tuition and must be displayed in the vehicle while parked on campus.

  • Who is my advisor?

    If you have not declared your major, the advisors in the Advising Center will help you schedule your classes.  If you have declared a major, a faculty member in your major will be your advisor.  Contact the staff in the department of your major to find your advisor.

  • Can I register myself?

    Yes.  For assistance, refer to the Self Registration Guide.  Students must meet with their advisor each semester to receive an individual pin number in order to self-register.

  • If I can register myself, do I still need to see my advisor?

    Yes.  It is very important to see your advisor.  First, you need to get your pin number. Second, your advisor will help to ensure that you take courses in the appropriate order to increase the likelihood you will graduate within your timeframe.  Some courses are offered only once per year or once every two years.  Working with your advisor will ensure you don’t miss a needed course.  Your advisor can also serve as a mentor, providing valuable information about your chosen field.

  • If I stop going to a class will it be dropped for me?

    NO.  Students must log on to myCampus and go through FELiX to drop classes they no longer wish to complete.  Failure to do so will result in an F.

  • Where can I get a copy of my schedule?

    Your schedule can be found by logging on to myCampus and going through FELiX.

  • Where can I find my grades?

    You can also find your grades by logging on to myCampus and going through FELiX.

  • What is a UCA? How do I get one?

    Every student has a UCA (Unified College Account).  You must activate this account by going to myCampus and clicking on “Activate Unified College Account” and following the instructions.  If you need help doing this you may go to the library or Advising Center for assistance.

  • How do I get a transcript?

    Official transcripts are provided by the Registrar’s Office, located in Enrollment Services on the 3rd floor of the Turley Student Services Center.  You can print an unofficial academic history by logging on to the myCampus.

  • How do I change my major?

    You can change your major by filling out a “Major Change Form” in Student Enrollment Services, on the 3rd floor of the Turley Student Services Center. You will be assigned a new advisor in the department of your new major.

  • If I change my major, do I meet with an advisor in my new major?

    Yes.  You will need to meet with an advisor in the major that you are declaring.  If an advisor in your new department is not assigned, go to the dean of your department.

  • How many credit hours must I take to be considered full-time?

    A student must be enrolled in 12 semester hours to be considered a full-time student.

  • What is TEAS?

    TEAS is short for “Test of Essential Academic Skills.” TEAS is a 4-part on-line assessment developed by Assessment Technologies Institute™ LLC that consists of subtests in Reading, Mathematics, Science, and English.

  • Why do I need to take the TEAS test?

    Fairmont State University’s School of Nursing and Allied Health has made the TEAS test results part of the admission requirements for the Associate of Science in Nursing Program for all students applying for acceptance.

  • What testing areas are included in the TEAS test?

    TEAS is a 4-part assessment developed by Assessment Technologies Institute™ LLC consisting of subtests in Reading, Mathematics, Science, and English with 170 total questions.

    The numbers of questions in each subtest area are as follows:
    • Reading –48 Questions
    • Mathematics – 34 Questions
    • Science – 54 Questions
    • English and Language Usage – 34 Questions

  • How long does it take to complete the TEAS?

    The TEAS test is a timed test. The total testing time for all four test areas is 3 hours and 29 minutes.
    Most subtests are timed to average 75 seconds per item.
    The amount of time allotted for each subtest is as follows:
    • Reading – 58 Minutes
    • Mathematics – 51 Minutes
    • Science – 66 Minutes
    • English and Language Usage – 34 Minutes

  • Is there anything special I need to do or need to bring on the day of the TEAS?

    You should plan to arrive ½ hour prior to testing time to allow for check in. You must bring a current picture ID, and two (2) #2 pencils.

  • How late can I wait to register to take the TEAS?

    You can register for one of the available test dates as long as there are seats available. Be aware that there are a limited number of seats available on each test date, so it is important to pick a test date and register before all the available seats are taken.

  • How do I get my TEAS test results?

    Your individual student report is available immediately after you submit your exam. However, the test proctor cannot print a copy for you. If you want a copy of your score, you can download from another computer by logging back into Assessment Technologies Institute™ LLC at www.atitesting.com and going to My Results.

  • Can I re-test if I want to improve my score?

    Yes, you can take the TEAS test twice in a calendar year. You must complete all subtest areas each time.

  • How do I arrange to re-test?

    You register to retake the test by selecting the date you want and paying for the TEAS test online as described in "How do I register for the TEAS?".

  • How much does it cost to re-test?

    Re-test costs are the same as the initial test costs, $65.

  • What if I live outside of the State or regional area and cannot make it to one of the TEAS test dates identified?

    You need to contact the TEAS test administrator, Michelle Duckworth, at (304) 368-7254 or by email mduckworth@pierpont.edu to determine if special testing arrangements can be made. Realize that special arrangements will only be made due to extraordinary circumstances. Such requests must be made no later than one month prior to the last available test date.

  • What if I am a non-citizen and do not have a social security number?

    You need to contact the TEAS test administrator, Michelle Duckworth, at (304) 367-4930 or by email mduckworth@pierpont.edu at least one month prior to the date on which you would like to test.

  • What is the application deadline for the Associate Degree in Nursing Program?

    Starting July 1, 2013, admissions to the associate of science degree in nursing programs (ASN and LPN) will be done on a first come, first served basis. As soon as the student meets the admission requirements, the student will be admitted to the next nursing admission class. For the traditional ASN program that will be fall 2014 and for the LPN-ASN program it will be May 2014. Once a class is full, the student will be admitted to the next open class.  Students not accepted into the fall 2014 class will need to reapply for the 2015 fall class. 

  • How many students are admitted into the Associate Degree in Nursing Program each year?

    There will be 96 traditional students admitted for fall 2014. And, 24 non-traditional LPN students are admitted each May into the Associate Degree in Nursing Program.

  • What must I do to apply for the Associate Degree in Nursing Program?
    • Meet the general admission requirements to FSU including minimum ACT, SAT, or COMPASS scores.
    • Have all developmental courses completed by the end of fall semester.
    • Have taken the Pre-Nursing Test (TEAS) and have achieved the minimum score for each component.
    • Have a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher.
  • What items must I submit to apply for the Associate Degree in Nursing Program?
    • Fairmont State University Application
    • Application Fee
    • Official High School Transcripts, LPN Program Transcripts, College Transcripts, and/or GED scores
    • ACT, SAT, and/ or COMPASS Scores
    • TEAS Scores
  • Where do I submit my application for the Associate Degree in Nursing Program?

    Fairmont  State University
    Enrollment Services
    1201 Locust Avenue
    Fairmont, WV 26554

  • When are students notified as to whether or not they are accepted into the Associate Degree in Nursing Program?

    Once a student has met the admission criteria, the student will be immediately accepted into the next admission class.

  • What are the minimum TEAS scores needed to apply for the Associate Degree in Nursing Program?
    • Science – 60
    • Reading – 60
    • English – 50
    • Math – 50
  • What college course may I take to fulfill the Algebra prerequisite for the Associate Degree in Nursing Program?

    The algebra prerequisite is no longer required. In order to be admitted to the ASN program, you must be eligible to enroll in college level math. If you do not meet the math requirement for college level math, you may take -

    • MATH0080: Units 0081, 0082, 0083, 0084, 0085, & 0086 (or)
    • MATH1100: Intermediate Algebra (or)
    • MATH1107: Fundamental Concepts of Math (or)
    • MATH1112: College Algebra
  • Are there any test preparation materials available for the TEAS?

    Test preparation materials, including study guides and practice tests, are available to be purchased from Assessment Technologies Institute™ LLC. You can find out more by visiting their web address www.atitesting.com. Free tutoring to all FSU/Pierpont students is available on the second floor of the library. This is not specific to just TEAS tutoring but does include this service for those who request it. The tutoring schedule can be accessed at www.pierpont.edu/tutoring. They have copies of TEAS practice books. The library also has copies of the TEAS practice books available for checkout. Linda King, Associate Professor, is the director of the tutoring center. She can be contacted via email at linda.king@pierpont.edu if you have any questions.


  • How do I register for the TEAS?

    You register for the test date you want and pay for the TEAS test online at Pierpont Community & Technical College Continuing Education website www.pierpont.edu/ce and click on the Browse Our Courses link and then the TEAS Pre-Nursing Exam link.

  • How many times per calendar year may I take the TEAS test?

    You may take the TEAS test twice in any calendar year. You register for the TEAS test you are taking the second time in a calendar year the same as you do for the first time. Please see "How do I register for the TEAS?"

  • Where is the TEAS test administered?

    TEAS testing is conducted at Pierpont Community & Technical College’s Center for Workforce Education located in downtown Fairmont at 320 Adams Street, Suite G01, Fairmont, WV 26554. Detailed directions are available online.