What is the alcohol/drug policy?

Alcohol Possession/Use

Use, possession, manufacturing, or distribution of alcoholic beverages or public intoxication is prohibited in the residence halls and on campus Alcoholic beverages may not, in any circumstances, be used by, possessed by or distributed to any person in the residence halls. Students are not permitted to come back to the residence halls overly intoxicated.

Alcohol Paraphernalia

This includes empty alcohol containers, alcohol containers used as decoration, beer pong tables, shot glasses, public posters containing alcohol endorsements (i.e. your room door), and empty alcohol boxes.

Drug Possession/Use

Use, possession, or distribution of any drug is strictly prohibited.  Students may not enter the residential facilities in an intoxicated manner. Students who are alleged to distribute any drug or narcotic will face University/College sanctions.

Drug Paraphernalia

Students may not possess any type of drug paraphernalia.  This may include any of the following: rolling papers, baggies, scales, grinders, bongs, or home-made bongs. This list is not inclusive.