Residence Hall Room Dimensions

Dimensions are approximates and may vary slightly in size.

Residence Hall Room Dimensions
Bryant Place

Single Room: 7' x 11.5'
Double Room: 11' x 9.25'

Morrow Hall Rooms vary in size, however all rooms are large enough for a 9' x 12' carpet.
Pence Hall 12' x 13'
Prichard Hall 11'6" x 15'
College Park Apartments 1 Bedroom: 400 sq. ft.
2 Bedroom: 480 sq. ft.
3 Bedroom: 700 sq. ft.


Residence Hall Room Type


Residence Hall Room Type
Bryant Place Single Suites and Double Suites
Morrow Hall Traditional Double Rooms
Pence Hall Traditional Double Rooms
Prichard Hall Traditional Double Rooms
College Park Apartments Unfurnished, 1 Bedroom (6 units)
Unfurnished, 2 Bedroom (68 units)
Unfurnished, 3 Bedroom (3 units)
Furnished, 2 Bedroom (35 units)

Contact Info

Office of Residence Life
Turley Student Services Center
Room 303J
1201 Locust Avenue
Fairmont, WV 26554

Available 8AM - 4PM
Monday - Friday

PHONE: (304) 367-4216
FAX: (304) 367-4789