Greek Life Request for Fundraiser

IMPORTANT: this form does not complete the request for fundraiser process; the organization must also complete the web form on the student organizations’ website. It can found from the homepage under ‘Campus Life’ then click ‘Student Organizations’. Then, the link can be found on the bar on the left-side of the page. That form notifies student activities coordinator.


Both forms MUST BE COMPLETE no later than TWO WEEKS prior to a fundraising event. They both must be completed no matter who your are raising funds for i.e. philanthropies.


Guidelines for On-Campus Bake Sales: To prevent violation of State Department of Health regulations, it is necessary that a bake sale is restricted to baked goods, such as cookies, candy, pepperoni rolls, cake, pie, etc. NO HOT FOOD WILL BE ALLOWED AT ANY BAKE SALE. Also, all items must be wrapped prior to sale.


If the fundraiser is to be held at a specific location on campus, the reservation must be made with Conference Services located near the computer labs on the 3rd Floor of Falcon Center. ALL FUNDRAISING OFF CAMPUS MUST BE APPROVED BY THE VICE PRESIDENT FOR INSTITUTIONAL ADVANCEMENT!


Please complete the form below to submit a Fundraising Request Form to the Greek Life Office.



Be sure to reserve a location with Conference Services, 3rd Floor of Falcon Center near Computer Labs.
Remember Forms must be sent in NO later TWO weeks in advance.
If your answer is No to this question, please proceed immediately up to the 3rd Floor of the Falcon Center (near computer labs) to Conference Services.