Sexual Assault Resources - What to Expect When Reporting an Incident

  • If you have reported the incident to either counseling or health services you will be offered continued health and emotional support. No investigation will be prompted.
  • If you report the incident to any other person on campus:
    • You will be asked about the event and to share details. Recognizing that it can be very difficult to speak about a possible traumatic event, we strive to minimize the number of people you are asked to share your account with.
    • You will be provided with information about options and resources that might help in decreasing any negative long-term effects from the incident of sexual violence.
    • The incident will be investigated by appropriately trained personnel (judicial affairs, title IX coordinator, and campus police).
    • Once you have reported the incident, the institution is obligated to proceed with the investigation to protect you and other students. You do not have to file criminal charges.