Parent & Family Programs

Partnering With Us For Your Student's Success

Each year, Fairmont State University warmly welcomes to campus not only each new student but also his or her family members.  In fact, the University aims to form a special relationship with the parents and family members who support each newly enrolled student.  The institution values and wishes to partner closely with those most invested in the student's success.

The faculty and staff at Fairmont State recognize that your relationship with your student is unique and powerful.  And, we understand that your role in his or her success is significant both in and out of the classroom.  We share in common your goal to see your student happy, healthy, and achieving his or her objectives.  We are passionate, like you, about seeing your student to the finish line and off to a bright future (be it graduate school or a career).  We are with you, every step of the way, cheering them on and providing them with guidance and helpful resources.  In fact, we desire for each student's family to be involved, informed, and invested in such a way that the student truly benefits.  We recognize that family members who appropriately maintain stewardship of their student's education only help to ensure that the individual successfully develops into an independent and well-rounded citizen. 

One of the ways in which you can best partner with the University is to become a member of the newly established Falcon Family Association.  As an Association member, you will be provided with regular updates, as well as special invitations to events and programs (including the annual Family Weekend event).


Supporting Your Student Throughout College

Parent/Guest Proxy Access

This portal is the exclusive method by which a University student may grant a third-party access to his or her records. Information that is protected from disclosure pursuant to the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), such as grades, financial aid details, and student account/billing information is maintained in a secure online environment. A student may grant permission to a parent or guest to access this information and make payments through this portal. 

Due to the protection of students’ rights under FERPA, a student may restrict the information that a parent or guest is able to access and revoke access at any time.

New Users:

**Please click on the PDF link below for detailed instructions on how to set up the parent/guest proxy access.**

Instructions for setting up Parent/Guest Proxy Access

Returning Users:

**If you are returning to access a student’s record through the parent/guest portal after activating your account for the first time, click here. This site contains the URL for the Proxy Login Page. Click on that link and use the login credentials you established when activating your account.**

Family Weekend

During this revitalized annual event, Fairmont State family members will have an unparalleled opportunity to check in on their students, to enjoy fellowship and share a meal, and much more. Family Weekend also provides a wonderful occasion for families to get a first-hand look at life as a college student.  Families can attend a class with their student, enjoy a football game, or visit the Falcon Center recreation complex.  Typically, an event is held in Downtown Fairmont, in conjunction with Family Weekend, to give family members a chance to become more familiar with the surrounding community.

Family Weekend is usually held in late September/ early October. Each student's family will receive an invitation in postal mail as well as e-mail so be on the lookout for that invite once the semester begins.

Falcon Family Association

As highlighted above, membership in the Association affords student supporters an unparalleled means by which to remain connected and in the know.  Sign-up for FREE and partner with the University for your student's success. You will receive email updates and notices throughout each semester, along with an electronic newsletter and other perks! Run into a challenge along the way or have a suggestion for ways the institution can further its efforts to partner with parents/families?  Reaching out to us via the Assocaition is simple and provides a direct line-in to the change-makers.


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