How to Find Your Advisor

Scheduling Classes for an Upcoming Term

Contact your Assigned Advisor before your window opens to schedule an advising appointment, during which you will be given the new five-digit PIN Code you must have in order to schedule classes (and which is different every semester).

Finding Your Advisor

1. Visit the homepage and access the Quick Links menu

2. Select and log-In to myFairmontState

3. Select Returning Users then select Felix icon

5. After selecting the Felix icon, the Felix – Account Notifications screen may appear. If it appears, take a moment to review the notifications. Once the notifications have been reviewed, select Continue.

6. Select Student & Financial Aid

7. Select Student Records

8. Select View Student Information

9. Select the appropriate term and click Submit. If you do not see an advisor listed, contact the dean of your Academic school/college.

Note: if you change your major, your advisor information should change within 24 hours of when the major change was processed.

10.  Go to the homepage

  1.  At the bottom of the homepage click on the link titled Campus Directories
  2. On the left side of the screen, under the heading Contact Information, click on the Faculty-Staff link
  3. Once on this page, you can type in your advisor’s first and/or last name. Or, if unsure of the spelling, simply search using the Directory By Last Name feature.

Preparing for Your Advising Meeting

Consider reviewing the academic catalog under which you enrolled and/or the model schedule you may have been given at that time. You may also find it helpful to review the list of currently available courses by logging-in to myFairmontState and performing a class search within FELIX.  Simply select the term for which you are registering and then refine your search by not only campus location, but also subject area.  

Also make a note in advance of each question you have, as well as all obligations (such as work schedule) which may conflict with your class schedule – having this information in front of you during the meeting will ensure that all factors are taken into consideration and nothing is overlooked.  Checking all of these items off of your list pre-meeting will make certain that you can stick with the schedule you the first time.