FSU Welcome Weekend

Save the Date!

Welcome Weekend 2018 will be held August 9-12!

Check back soon for updates!
Welcome Weekend 2017 Logo

The annual Welcome Weekend program is designed for both resident and commuting students and is intended to ensure that all new students are settled in, fully acclimated, and comfortable with their surroundings.  It is our goal to see that each new student steps off into the new academic year with his or her best foot forward, fully prepared and having attended to all matters (business and otherwise).

The 2017 event commences Friday, August 11th with a comprehensive Fall Orientation Program. The Fall Orientation includes, among other pieces, an Academic School/College-specific Orientation for students that is different from and complimentary to the program that new students experience in the spring/summer months.  A Family/Parent-specific program runs parallel to this portion of the day and all family members are encouraged to attend. 

Also built into the Fall Orientation on Friday, August 11 is the Community Plunge Info Fair & Picnic, an opportunity for students, together with their families, to visit our “last chance” campus stations (featuring the PARKING PASS STATION and many, many more).   Student clubs, local banks and community businesses will also participate in order to greet families and to share information, as well as special promotions.

Following the picnic dinner, family members will depart and important student programming will continue, which includes community-building/icebreaker activities and, if you wish, a camp-out on the Falcon Center Quad.

Welcome Weekend continues Saturday and Sunday with numerous sessions, trainings, and plenty of engaging entertainment (including a comedian, laser tag dome, tailgate games, tie-dying, trivia game show for cash, and a movie on the lawn). While Saturday and Sunday programming is built-in for resident students, commuters are expected to attend as well!


In order to officially register, please click on the appropriate link below.

I am a Honors Student
I am registered to attend the Final Summer Orientation on August 10th
I am a member of a Fall Sports Team and will be moving in early for camp
I plan to live off-campus and commute
I plan to move-in and live on-campus