Freshman Seminar Courses

Once a student’s first semester has begun, a robust college experience launches.  Far more than studying and exams, the college experience should be definitive in a student’s life; helping mold and shape that student into the person he or she will be moving forward.  The college experience, if adequately taken advantage of, should be comprised also of thinking deeper into pre-conceived notions; exploring interests; and getting to know people from different backgrounds, who possess perspectives that differ from one’s own.  A college-educated person should not merely be college-educated; he or she should exude the qualities of an educated person. 

Students who fully benefit from the college experience have also grasped “how to adult” and have mastered many of the life skills necessary to a fulfilled and successful life after college. Incoming FSU students are readied for college success through a series of three distinct and consecutive programs: Orientation, Welcome Weekend; and the First-Year Experience. The First-Year Experience is delivered over two linked initiatives:

1. In-Class First-Year Infused/Seminar Courses

2. On-Campus Engagement via Activities/Sessions/Events

In-Class component: While traditional First-Year Seminars are available, Infused courses take the instruction ideals of a traditional Seminar course and infuse them into a  regular college course like English 1101. Courses who are participating will be noted in the course schedule and will be available here in list form beginning in April.