First Year Experience Passport Program


A facet of the First Year Experience (FYE) initiative at Fairmont State, the FYE Passport Program is intentionally designed to ensure that first-year students meet goals and outcomes that are critical to student development and success. 

Students will participate in a minimum of five total Passport Activities, one for each of the FYE outcomes outlined below.

  1. Acquire and apply tools that support academic success in college
  2. Learn strategies and establish habits to maximize health and wellness in college
  3. Establish and sustain routines and habits that create a sense of belonging to and stewardship for the University community.
  4. Demonstrate principles of responsible citizenship as a member of the campus, local, and broader communities
  5. Develop global perspectives in preparation to live responsibly in a diverse, globally interconnected, and changing world



  1. Access the Passport Activities Menu via the link above.  As prompted on that site, select at least one activity per outcome category and then click submit to finalize your full Action Plan. Be sure to note the date, time and location of the activity from the activity menu located at top of the Action Plan submission page.
  2. Attend the activities you selected throughout the semester and provide evidence (within 72 hours following each activity) of your participation by submitting a meaningful reflection online, via the 'Submit your Activity Reflection' link above.
  3. All Passport participants who meet or exceed the minimum requirement will be eligible for prizes (Apple Watch and Falcon ID Card Dollars) to be awarded at the semester's end.  The more activity reflections submitted, the higher the prize tier!
  4. If a student completes the Passport by October 12, 2017, they will be receive Priority Registration for the Spring 2018 semester. Priority registration date of October 16 is a full 18 days before other freshmen get to register!


If a professor has asked that you complete a Passport Action Plan for class, please do so, in addition to submitting your plan as described above.

All participants are welcome to connect with Passport manager in the Office of Retention as follows for questions, verification, etc.

  • Email:
  • Twitter: @OfficeRetention
  • Facebook: FSU/Pierpont Office of Retention
  • By Phone: 304-333-3660
  • By appointment: Turley Center 226