Placement Test Information

Placement Test FAQs

When is the ACCUPLACER offered?
Wednesdays at 9 am and Thursdays at 1 pm

Is an appointment required to take the test?
Yes, we give the ACCUPLACER by appointment because we have a limited number of computers. Schedule by calling (304) 367-4709 or stopping in 317 Turley Student Services Center.

Where do students meet to take the test?
317 Turley Student Services Center

What is the ACCUPLACER?
ACCUPLACER is a comprehensive, integrated system of sophisticated computer-adaptive placement assessments, diagnostics, and remediation support designed to evaluate and strengthen students’ skills in reading, writing, and mathematics. Delivering results immediately and accurately, ACCUPLACER helps answer the challenges of accurate placement and remediation.                                                                                                                                         -Retrieved 11/21/16 from

Why is the ACCUPLACER used?
Fairmont State University uses the ACCUPLACER placement test primarily to place students into English and Math courses, as well as some other STEM-based courses.

Who is eligible to take the ACCUPLACER at Fairmont State University (FSU)?

  • Current FSU students only (including incoming students who have been accepted)
  • Students with ACT or SAT scores on file that are 5/+ years old
  • Students with COMPASS or ACCUPLACER scores on file that are 2/+ years old
  • Students without ACT or SAT scores

Which ACCUPLACER placement tests does FSU use?

  • English uses the ACCUPLACER WritePlacer.
  • Math uses three different placement tests depending on which Math track students are pursuing.

MATH 1107


MATH 1101, 1112, 1113, 1115, 1170, 2251, 2252 (as well as CHEM 1101, 1105, SCIE 1110, COMP 1102)

Prefer ACCUPLACER Elementary Algebra

MATH 1125, 1185, 1190 (as well as PHYS 1101, 1105)

ACCUPLACER College Level Math


How much does it cost to take the ACCUPLACER?
There is currently no charge to students to take the ACCUPLACER.

How many times can students take the ACCUPLACER?
Students can take the WritePlacer and Math placement tests up to two times a semester. Semester is defined as starting the first week of classes until the Friday of the week before the next semester’s classes for Fall, Spring, and Summer.

What do students need when testing?
A picture ID is all that is needed. Pencils, calculators, and scrap paper will be provided.

Can students use the calculators on their phones?
No, the use of phones results in immediate disqualification of test results.

Can students bring friends and/or family to the test?
No, only testers are allowed in the testing center. In order to provide a quiet environment, children are not allowed in the testing center.

What if students are late to the test?
Students who arrive late will have to reschedule for another day.

How soon can students retake a test if needed?
Students must wait at least one week between attempts. This allows some time for study and preparation.

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