Multicultural Affairs

Fairmont State University is dedicated to promoting multiculturalism through the enhancement and enrichment of the quality of life for all members of the campus community. It is our goal to create and maintain an environment that promotes cross-cultural understanding and prepares individuals to participate in an increasingly diverse world. Ultimately, academic freedom will allow for respect, understanding and an appreciation of differences and similarities in regards to race, national origin, color, ethnicity, disabilities, religion, sexual orientation and gender.

Multicultural Affairs is part of an integral team composed of all components of Fairmont State University. The office was established to develop and implement programs and services for the purpose of enhancing and enriching the quality of life for faculty, staff and students. Emphasis is given to supporting and maintaining an environment, which encourages minority students to fulfill their educational objectives and potentials.

Multicultural Affairs is committed to developing programs, which expand awareness and promote cultural opportunities for all students.

 This year, the Office of Multicultural Affairs would like to challenge all students, faculty, and staff to "Make YOUR Mark!".  This can be done by engaging in community  service, interacting on a positive level with your peers, excelling in your studies, starting something new or whatever path you see a way in which to make a difference.