FalconARC (Alert, Refer, Connect) is an early alert and intervention portal designed to make notifying the Office of Student Success simple, should a student success-related question/concern arise.  Through the portal, both families and faculty/staff who are concerned that a student is struggling or may be at-risk for withdrawing from the institution can formally (and anonymously to the student) raise a flag. Once Student Success staff members have received an alert, they will go to work, making needed referrals to/with the appropriate offices/individuals around campus.  The student will then be engaged and connected to those who can help best.  The goal is to address any and all alerts in a timely fashion, intervening and bringing together from a central point all players key to a resolution. 

There are a number of challenges that can cause the student to experience a bump in the road on his/her journey to academic success.  But, research has demonstrated that early identification of these obstacles helps to impact retention and persistence.  There are many reasons why an individual might issue an alert for a student, including but not limited to:

  • Homesickness/problems transitioning
  • Academic struggles/poor attendance
  • Grade concerns
  • Registration/class scheduling challenges

Again, this list of examples is not exhaustive.  Please keep in mind that if there is an immediate concern regarding a student’s safety, or if the student is experiencing a mental health emergency or crisis, you should contact instead the Counseling Center at 304-333-3661, Campus Police at 304-367-HELP (4357), or dial 911.

Please complete and submit the form below and remember, your name and information will not be shared with the student unless you have given your approval. 

(allows for expedited communication with our office)

Student's cell phone number will only be used in cases where student doesn't respond via email.

We appreciate you submitting an alert for your student! This is just the right amount of information for Retention staff to reach out to the student and start addressing your concerns.Thank you!