Evacuation Chair Locations

Caperton Center (CC)

  • 2nd floor- by women’s restroom
  • 3rd floor- by women’s restroom

Education Building (ED)

  • 2nd floor- by stairwell, center of building

Engineering Technology Building (ET)

  • 4th floor- stairwell facing library, front of ET

Falcon Center (FAC)

  • 3rd floor- by men's restroom, across from dining hall

Feaster Center (FC)

  • 3rd floor- stairwell facing football field, outside of the Athletic Director’s office

Jaynes Hall (JH)

  • 3rd floor- by water fountain, near room 313

Hardway Hall (HB)

  • 1st floor- near elevator entrance

Hunt Haught Hall (HH)

  • 4th floor- stairwell, between rooms 412 & 413
  • 2nd floor- stairwell, between rooms 212 & 213

Ruth Ann Musick Library (LI)

  • 3rd floor- stairwell by elevator, across from room 307

Turley Student Services Center (TC)

  • 3rd floor- main front entrance, top of stairwell
  • 3rd floor- Advising Center, top of stairwell
  • 3rd floor- backside of building, top of stairwell

Wallman Hall (WH)

  • 3rd floor- stairwell, by room 316