Fairmont State University Reads

Fairmont State University Reads is a free reading enrichment program offered by Fairmont State University. The program focuses on enhancing children’s love of reading for grades K thru 4th. The sessions are presented by Fairmont State students, “mentors" who attend an extensive training session before working with the children.

During the sessions, the elementary students will hear a story, participate in reading skills games, and create a writing/art project. The sessions focus on the joy of reading to promote the children’s desire to learn to read, the first step in becoming a good reader.

Fairmont State Reads is directed by Amy Drvar, Civic Engagement Coordinator, and coordinated by Candace Wilson.

The one hour / once a week sessions, take place for seven weeks during the fall and spring semesters. The Fairmont State site is held on campus.  Additionally, FSU Reads is offered at various after-school programs in Marion Co. schools. Information on sites can be obtained by calling (304) 367-4204.

If you have questions or want to register your child, call (304) 367-4214 or complete the Registration form on the left-hand side.

Registration for the Spring 2017 semester is open! The program will begin Feb. 20th.

Fairmont State Reads

America Reads (Fairmont State Reads)- "Wow, I love this program. As a parent, I took my kids to be a part of it. As a professional, I ask my future teachers to participate in it! Everyone enjoys it!"

"A love of books, reading, and knowledge are keys to America Reads (Fairmont State Reads)! Vocabulary, Comprehension, Reading and Writing skills are all advanced while learning to love reading! It doesn’t get any better than that!"

Beverly Richards, Marion Co. Title I teacher