FSU School of Nursing and Allied Health Administration has partnered with several South Korean universities in order to broaden the cultural and global awareness of our students.   Currently FSU has developed global exchange programs with the Schools of Nursing at Ansan University, Namseoul University, and Woosong University Schools of Nursing.

Ansan College is located in Gyeonggi province in the city of Ansan and is part of the Seoul National Capital Area. Ansan University hosts a student body of approximately 4,000 students and offers programs in fields including nursing, physiotherapy, early childhood development and information technology.  A cohort of Ansan second year nursing students, come to FSU to strengthen their English skills and to learn about US culture, nursing, and health care.

Woosong University is located in Daejeon City which is the fifth largest city in Korea with over 1.5 million citizens. Woosong has a student body of 6,700 Korean students and 1,115 foreign students.  It provides specialized curricula based on practical foreign language and high-tech education for every major field of study.

Confronted with the challenging need towards globalization and the necessity for openness, N.S.U. has to develop a multi-faceted curriculum to accommodate the radical demands of a multi-cultural world. Through continuous research and development, their curriculum would be able to accumulate, develop, utilize and transmit new knowledge.

Global Exchange Program

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