*NOTE: The Theatre major, the Music major, the Theatre Education major, the Music Education major, the Theatre minor, and the Music minor will no longer be offered after the 2020-21 academic year. 

If you’re interested in participating in music or theatre, there are numerous performing arts opportunities available, including marching band, numerous choirs, and a vibrant community theatre.
This Music Minor program provides a balance between classroom instructional experiences and the applied practice of music. Students take music history, theory, and pedagogy classes along with private instrumental or voice lessons. Numerous performances opportunities allow students to demonstrate their skills as members of a musical ensemble as well as soloists.

The minor in music requires a minimum of four semesters of course work. See the Department of Music Coordinator before registering for Music classes. Music minors are encouraged to enroll in applied lessons and ensembles for eight semesters. 

Courses Include

  • Music Theory - 8 credits
  • Music History and Appreciation - 3 credits
  • Conducting - 2 credits
  • Major Ensemble Participation - 4 semesters
  • Applied Music - 7 credits

Music Minor Model Schedule