Wilderness Explorer - Student Testimonials

    Over the summer, the Fairmont State Outdoor Recreation Leadership program and Outdoor Adventure Club came together to offer students the opportunity to travel across country to Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks in Wyoming.  From buffalo herds to Old Faithful, hiking on glaciers to reaching the peak of a 10,000 foot mountain, the trip immersed the group in Wyoming’s beauty. 

The best part? It was all for credit!  This class encouraged students to challenge themselves in the outdoors, while reflecting on all they had accomplished and seen as they went.  Students began with a three day stay in Yellowstone to view the hot springs, shooting geysers, boiling mud pots, and diverse wildlife.  Next the group traveled to the Tetons for a five day backpacking trip six miles into the backcountry.  What they found there was nothing short of incredible: Granite peaks, glacier lakes, dense forests, black bears, wolverines, moose, and a world more.

Think you missed all the fun? Think again! These programs strive to offer new and exciting trips to students on a semester and yearly basis.  Check out the Outdoor Adventure Club and the Recreation Leadership Minor to participate in these kinds of trips and experiences.

Contact Carol Tannous (Carol.Tannous@fairmontstate.edu) to plan your next adventure!  

Tetons 1

Tetons 2

-Fall 2010 Wilderness Explorer Student

"The greatest thing about this course was having the opportunity to have fun while learning."
Fall 2006 Wilderness Explorer student