Outdoor Recreation Leadership Advising FAQs

ADVISING GUIDE To be used in conjunction with the Degree Requirements Sheet

Students may progress through the Outdoor Recreation Leadership (ORL) minor in many different ways.  Two paths are outlined below.  Select one of these or create a path that works best for you.

Many majors have enough free electives to make adding a minor very easy.  There are majors that require a minor.  Some students wishing to get a minor take some of their general studies courses in the summer to free up time in their schedule during the school year for a minor.  Figure out what works best for your plan.  Students must first declare the minor using a Major/Minor Concentration Update Form.  It is currently the policy of Fairmont State that you must have a major before you can declare a minor.

The minor code for Outdoor Recreation Leadership is 4305.  This form is available at the Student Services Desk in the Turley Center or from the Outdoor Recreation Leadership office, 307 Colebank.


Fall – RECR 1151, RECR 1141, and PHED 2200

RECR 1151, Backcountry Living, is a great way to begin the ORL Minor.  It is the primary outdoor activity based course where students learn about many of the skills necessary in the outdoor, as well as potential risks. 

RECR 1141, Foundations of Outdoor Recreation (formerly Intro to Rec), outlines the theory and foundations of outdoor recreation.

PHED 2200, Accident Analysis & Emergency Care, gives students the skills needed to manage first aid in a variety of settings.

Spring – RECR 1188, RECR 1150 & RECR 2220

RECR 1188, Winter Sports, is taught in the first 8 weeks of the semester.  Students learn about winter survival, cross country skiing, and snowshoeing.  There is also an opportunity to downhill ski and snowboard.

RECR 1150, Rock Climbing, is taught in the second 8 weeks of the semester right after RECR 1188, in the very same time slot.  Students learn how to rig and climb a top rope climb.  Basic climbing and rappelling skills are taught.

RECR 2220, Program Planning, requires students to propose, plan, and develop an outdoor trip or program for Fairmont State.  This course is self-paced and involves a significant amount of out of class work.

Fall – RECR 2220 & RECR 3330 & RECR 3340

RECR 3330, Group Leadership, explores the specifics of leadership and has the students plan and facilitate a team building workshop for other Fairmont State students.  It is helpful if the student has had previous RECR courses such as RECR 1151 and RECR 1141, but it is not required.

RECR 3340, Internship, is a unique opportunity for an ORL minor to gain hands on learning in the field.  There are on and off campus opportunities.  The on-campus internships are offered during the school year and the off-campus internships are best completed in the summer.  Students are welcome to bring internship suggestions to the Program Director, Jan Kiger, for approval.



Spring –RECR 1151, RECR 1141, and PHED 2200

See above for course information on RECR 1151, RECR 1141, and PHED 2200.

Fall – RECR 1177 and RECR 3330

RECR 1177, Intro to Water Sports, is taught in the first 8 weeks of the

semester.  Students learn to canoe, kayak, and stand-up paddle board.

See above for course information on RECR 3330.

Spring – RECR 1188 or RECR 1150, RECR 2220 and RECR 3340

See above for course information on RECR 1188, RECR 1150, RECR 2220 and RECR 3340.

Option C.  Create a plan that works for you.

There is no one best way to move through the requirements for the Outdoor Recreation Leadership minor.  If you are motivated and inspired to get a minor in Outdoor Recreation Leadership, and the above plans don't work for you, let's talk!

Not listed in either of the 3-semester plans, but available is RECR 2250.

Jan Kiger, Program Director   jan.kiger@fairmontstate.edu  304.367.4984

RECR 2250, Select Topics in Certifications.  Please contact the Program Director for more information.