Exercise Science - Course Descriptions

EDUC 6301 - Research in Education (3 CH): Instruction in the knowledge, skills and techniques necessary to understand and design research as applied to teacher education, with an emphasis on methodology, including statistical analysis and computer applications.

Courses in Exercise Science

PHED 6405 - Lab Techniques in Exercise Science (3 CH): Theoretical and practical understanding of physiological instrumentation and measurement in exercise science, including practical laboratory experiences, as preparation for graduate research or other clinical testing opportunities.

PHED 6406 - Statistics in Exercise Science (3 CH): The application and uses of statistics commonly used in the field of physical education/exercise science. Testing procedures include but are not limited determining appropriate statistical test to perform, interpreting results and determining appropriate follow-up test as needed. Emphasis is on design of experiments and appropriate statistical test usage, and interpretation of statistics.

PHED 6412 - Graduate Exercise Physiology I: Cardiovascular/Pulmonary Exercise Physiology (3 CH): This course is designed to be comprehensive study of the physiological responses to human movement and chronic exercise. The course will encompass the acute physiological responses and chronic adaptations to exercise. Emphasis on will be placed bioenergetics, metabolic pathways, cardiopulmonary and hormonal response to acute and chronic exercise. The major goal of the class will be to develop a fundamental understanding of exercise physiology that will: a) allow the student to utilize exercise physiology in their daily lives and future profession, b) prepare the student to take additional graduate courses in exercise science major.

PHED 6413 - Graduate Exercise Physiology II: Neuromuscular Exercise Physiology (3 CH): This course is designed to provide the student with a comprehensive study of important and basic concepts within structure and function of the motor unit. An emphasis will be placed on an advanced study of the normal function of skeletal muscle along with applications dealing with the response of skeletal muscle to exercise/overload, aging, disease, disuse and injury.

PHED 6417 - Impact of Exercise on Health & Disease (3CH): A study of the role of exercise in the prevention and rehabilitation of cardiopulmonary diseases. Emphasis on patient/client education, programming, and assessment.

PHED 6418 - Wellness Programming (3 CH): This course is designed to introduce the student to the concepts and theories of wellness, how to conduct assessments and evaluations of individuals and programs, how to design a wide variety of health promotion programs and understand the model of behavior change.

PHED 6416 - Advanced Strength & Conditioning (3CH): This course examines the scientific principles and procedures involved in the assessment of physical fitness and exercise prescription. Special attention is given to understanding and implication of advanced methods and techniques associated with the design of strength and conditioning programs to enhance human performance in sport and fitness.

PHED 6480 - Seminar in Exercise Science (3CH): Discussion and presentations on current issues involving the discipline of Exercise Science. May be repeated for credit. Same seminar topic cannot be repeated.

PHED 6490 - Internship/Field Experience (3CH): The purpose of this internship is to provide students with the opportunity to gain practical experience in the field of exercise science. This experience allows students to gain practical real world experience and apply their theoretical knowledge under the supervision of professionals within the field of exercise science/wellness. 120 hours of actual clock time are required for completion of this internship.

PHED 6395 - Capstone Research Project (3 CH):  Capstone Research Project focuses on the development and implementation of a research design using action research guidelines. Through this activity, the student will develop artifacts that support competence in teaching and research. The course prepares graduate students in the M.Ed. programs to design, implement and disseminate the results of an Action Research project in a professional setting. (3 credit hours; Online)

PHED 6499 - Thesis (3 CH)