Reading - Course Sequence

The following sequence applies to people who are pursuing certification as a Reading Specialist by: (1) obtaining a Masters in Education with certification; or (2) pursuing certification only. Candidates in this program of study must hold a valid teaching license at the time of admission.

Students are advised to take their coursework in the order recommended below to insure that they can complete the program in a timely fashion, and to ensure eligibility for certification. Candidates may take as little as one course per semester. Candidates may not take more than 12 credit hours in any one semester without permission. (We strongly discourage taking more than 9 credit hours for full-time candidates and 6 credit hours for part-time candidates.)

Candidates who follow the process laid out in the steps below will ensure that they can complete the Reading Specialization in no more than 4 semesters (without summer enrollment).

Please note that requirements for completion of the Master's degree component are listed at the end.

Program of Study Components

Step 1: These courses must be completed first.

  • READ 6300 Foundations of Reading and Writing (3 credit hours)
  • READ 6315 Reading and Writing in the Content Areas (3 credit hours)

Note: For candidates who want to take more than 6 credit hours at this point, you may take your elective, and/or EDUC 6305.

Note: While masters candidates may take 12 credit hours, they are encouraged to take 9 credit hours, and defer EDUC 6301 to the next step. (EDUC 6301 is a good fit as a course to take in a summer session.)

Step 2: After completion of READ 6300 and READ 6315 the following courses may be taken.

  • READ 6310 Teaching Reading to Special and At-Risk Learners (3 credit hours)
  • READ 6320 Psychological, Sociological, and Linguistic Factors in Reading and Writing Ability (3 credit hours)
  • READ 6360 Literature and Response (3 credit hours)

Note: READ 6320 and READ 6360 may be taken concurrently, but READ 6360 may not be taken prior to READ 6320.

Note: Masters candidates are encouraged to take EDUC 6301 in this step.

Step 3: Clinical Component VAll coursework listed above must be completed prior to enrolling in

  • READ 6330 and 6340
  • READ 6330 Diagnosis and Correction of Reading and Writing Difficulties: Reading Clinic Practicum I (3 credit hours)
  • READ 6340 Diagnosis and Correction of Reading and Writing Difficulties: Reading Clinic Practicum II (3 credit hours)

Note: These courses must be taken concurrently

Step 4: All courses and clinical components must be completed before enrolling in the course listed in Step 4

  • READ 6370 Administration and Supervision of Reading/Writing Programs (3 credit hours)

Master's Degree Core Courses for Candidates completing a Masters and certification requirements

Candidates completing the Masters in Education as part of the program of study must complete the following core courses for the master's degree.

  • EDUC 6301 Research in Education (3 credit hours)
  • EDUC 6305 Advanced Educational Technology and Media (3 credit hours)

Note: Candidates are advised to take EDUC 6301 and EDUC 6305 during either Step 1 or Step 2 above.