The following sequence applies to people who do not currently hold a valid teaching certificate and who are pursuing certification in special education by: (1) obtaining a Masters in special education with certification; or (2) pursuing certification only.

Students are advised to take their coursework in the order recommended below to insure that they can complete programs in a timely fashion, and to ensure eligibility for certification. Students may take up to 12 credit hours in any semester (including summer) without special permission.

Step 1: These courses must be completed first (they can be taken concurrently).

  • EDUC 6300 Foundations of American Education
  • EDUC 6302 Advanced Studies in Human Development
  • EDUC 6303 Advanced Studies in Educational Psychology
  • SPED 6320 Students with Special Learning Problems
  • SPED 6321 Students with Special Behavior Problems
  • SPED 6322 Evaluation in Special Education
  • READ 6310 Teaching Reading to Special Learners (30 Clinical Hours Required)

Step 2: After completion of SPED 6320, SPED 632, SPED 6322 and READ 6310 the following courses may be taken.

  • SPED 5323 Math Strategies for Exceptional Learners
  • SPED 6323 Behavioral Support for Special Students
  • SPED 6324 Instructional Strategies, (75 Clinical Hours Required)
    (SPED 6323 must be taken concurrently with SPED 6324)

Note: The following courses may be taken during any semester or summer school session prior to enrollment in SPED 6390.

  • READ 6315 Teaching Content Area Literacy
  • EDUC 6301 Research in Education (Masters students only; certification only students are not required to take this course)

Restricted content endorsement hours and all certification courses must be completed prior to SPED 6390 Special Education Practicum.

Note: The following three courses are requirements for completion of the Masters Degree. They do not affect students obtaining certification only. For students pursuing the masters the courses may be completed at any time prior to SPED 6390. EDUC 6395 will be taken in conjunction with SPED 6390 by students pursuing the Masters.

  • EDUC 6301 Research in Education
  • EDUC 6305 Advanced Educational Technology & Media
  • Graduate elective (3 credit hours)

Step 3:

  • SPED 6390 Special Education Practicum
  • EDUC 6395 Action Research

Praxis II Principles of Learning and Teaching (PLT) 5624/0624 and Special Education:Core Knowledge and Mild to Moderate Applications 5543/0543 must be completed with a passing score prior to application for certification.

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