Program of Study for Multi-Categorical Special Education Certification and Restricted Content Area Endorsement

Candidates who have no previous degrees or licensure in education and are interested in beginning a teaching career as a special education teacher are required to begin FSU's Multi-Categorical Special Education program by completing an introductory set of courses and a clinical experience designed to provide the basic knowledge, skills and professional dispositions required for regular educators.  These introductory courses must be completed before beginning the coursework for Multi-Categorical Special Education certification:

EDUC 6300 Foundations of American Education 3
EDUC 6302 Advanced Studies in Human Growth & Development 3
EDUC 6303 Advanced Studies in Educational Psychology 3
EDUC 6307 Instructional Design II and Classroom Organization 3
Total Introductory credit hours    12

After completing the required introductory courses, non-licensed, first time educator candidates complete these requirements for certification in Multi-Categorical Special Education:

SPED 5323 Math Strategies for Exceptional Learners 3
SPED 6319 Intro to Learning Exceptionalities and Behavior Disorders 3
SPED 6322 Evaluation in Special Education 3
SPED 6323 Behavioral Support for Special Students 3
SPED 6324 Instructional Strategies 3
SPED 6390 Special Education Practicum 3
READ 6310 Teaching Reading to Special Learners 3
READ 6315 Teaching Content Area Literacy 3
Total credit hours   24

NOTE:  The West Virginia Department of Education requires that all special educators be "highly qualified".  To be highly qualified, a candidate must have a 21-hour "restricted content area endorsement" in one of the following fields: Biology, English, Math, General Science or Social Studies.  In addition to this introductory coursework and the courses required for certification in Multi-Categorical Special Education, non-licensed first time educators must also identify a subject/content area of emphasis, with assistance from the FSU Office of Certification (see contact information below), for the required "restricted content area endorsement". Depending on the results of a transcript analysis, additional coursework may be required in the selected subject/content area.

Master of Education (M.Ed.) Degree Requirements

Candidates may also choose to add the Masters degree by completing the Graduate Core required coursework:

EDUC 6301 Research in Education 3
EDUC 6305 Advanced Educational Technology & Media 3
EDUC 6395 Action Research 3
Pre-Approved Elective 3
Total credit hours 12

Office of Certification

For a transcript analysis or more information about licensure and certification, please contact:

Certification Officer
340 Education Building