Destination Education - Early Field Experience

Early Field Experience Overview

Candidates must complete 50 hours of field experience prior to applying to the Teacher Certification Program as described below, please download or view the complete Early Field Experience handbook for more detailed information:

EFE Community/After-School Settings (Formerly EFE 1 & 2) 

  • 30 hours spaced over a minimum of five visits
  • Site is selected by the candidate from a list of organizations provided by the FSU School of Education.  Additional sites and/or previously completed work may be accepted but requires approval by the Destination Education Program Director.
  • Can be completed at home, over breaks, or during the summer

EFE Public School (Professional Development School)(Formerly EFE 3)
(PDS sites are schools that have established a formal partnership with Fairmont State.)

  • 20 hours spaced over a minimum of five visits
  • Candidates are placed in a school by the Fairmont State Office of Clinical Experiences
  • May be completed during semester of application to the Teacher Education program