Destination Educationa initiative unique to the School of Education, Health & Human Performance that focuses on promoting student success by providing consistent support throughout their college experience. Destination Eduction is based on a number of simple, but important concepts:

CREATING CONNECTIONS: HEY STUDENTS - HEY CAROL”  - This simple exchange begins during summer orientation and is the first step in our effort to personalize the student experience by developing a comfortable environment that encourages interaction between new students, the Destination Education Program, and the School of Eduction, Health & Human Performance.  "HEY CAROL" encourages students to bridge the silence that is often associated with beginning college.

"INTENTIONAL WALKING" - New students often find themselves challenged by the academic, social and emotional issues associated with being in college. Beginning with your first step at Fairmont State, and all along the way, Destination Education provides an environment where students can ask questions, express concerns, and share moments of success. Whether you have set your sights on becoming a teacher educator, exercise scientist or any of the other 30 plus majors in or associated with our college; it is important for you to know there is someone who will walk with you on this path.

"DEVELOPING A SENSE OF BELONGING" - As you embark on this amazing journey, keep in mind I am just an email, phone call, or office visit away! No question is stupid; no situation unimportant if it helps pave your way to success. I encourage you to take advantage of the many opportunities you will have to participate in activities, events, and organizations offered at Fairmont State Univeristy and by the School of Education, Health & Human Performance.  GROW YOUR ROOTS as a college student! GRAB THE HANDS outstretched in front of you! Both will increase your likelihood of success!

I look forward to walking you in your pursuit of a college degree! It all begins with a simple "HEY."  

Carol Tannous

Compass Point - Chart Your Course
Read the online Fairmont State Undergraduate Catalog information for your major! REVIEW the model schedule that provides a suggested sequence of courses to take!

“I am not the only one who has traveled on this path.  I will follow the footprints before me and reach back a hand to those who come behind.”

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