Snodgrass One-Room Schoolhouse

In 1840 William Snodgrass erected a log building about 300 yards from his house for specific use as a schoolhouse and a church.  Three separate school buildings were to occupy this same level, one-acre site over the next 100 years or so.  The log school was succeeded by a frame building with board-and-batten siding of yellow poplar, painted a dark red, which was in turn succeeded, in 1871, by the 23 foot by 26 foot white frame schoolhouse now on the campus of Fairmont State University .

Student, Mistie Manning, portraying Ethel Ferrell

Honors student, Mistie Manning, portraying Ethel Ferrell
Note:  The above photograph was taken in front of one of the One-room Schoolhouse displays
located on the third floor of the Education Building at Fairmont State University.