One-Room Schoolhouse Interior Tour


The items you are about to see were photographed in the Snodgrass One-room Schoolhouse and are typical of that era.

Schoolhouse Interior

Schoolhouse InteriorThis photograph was taken upon entering the Snodgrass One-room Schoolhouse through the front door.

Student Desks

student-desks-topThe top photograph, taken from the front of the schoolroom, shows student desks to the left of the teacher.
student-desks-bottomThe bottom photograph shows student desks to the right of the teacher.  Note the arrow that points to the bell-ringing rope.

Student Desks with Books

student desks with booksThis is a close up photograph of student desks with books and ink wells.

Book 1

Book 1Perhaps you know the poem about “The Monkeys and the Crocodile” from your early schooling.  This book is one of many housed in the Snodgrass One-room Schoolhouse.

Book 2

Book 2Notice the vibrant colors shown in this book housed in the Snodgrass One-room Schoolhouse.  Considering the lack of technology available to students, this must have been an inviting learning tool.


TypewriterThis photograph is of a manual typewriter. Notice how few keys are used compared to today’s electric typewriters and computer keyboards.

Water Cooler

Water CoolerThis water cooler differs vastly from the ones you can purchase today.

Pot Bellied Stove

Pot Bellied StoveThis pot bellied stove helped keep teacher and students warm and comfortable, allowing them to maximize the learning environment.

Photograph of Students in