Teacher Education - Criminal Background Checks & TB Tests

Policy on Criminal Background Checks & Tuberculosis (TB) Tests for Participation in the Early Field Experience & Admission to Teacher Education

As part of the pre-major requirements through the Early Field Experience, and as a Teacher Education major, candidates will be part of the work of community agencies, activities, and before and after-school programs that serve children.  Candidates will also be required to participate in activities in public schools that are part of the Fairmont State University Professional Development School (PDS) Partnership. 

Community agencies and programs that offer learning opportunities for children have institutional policies related to who may enter and work in their contexts.  The School of Education, Health and Human Performance at Fairmont State University informs all of our partners in community agencies, programs and public schools that we respect their institutional policies, and expect students in our academic programs to adhere to those policies.

Candidates should be aware that while the Fairmont State University School of Education does not require a criminal background check or TB test for entrance into the Teacher Education major, the State of West Virginia does have policies related to who may enter public schools and work directly with children.  Candidates will be required to provide documentation of completion of these two procedures prior to entering any public school facility for the purpose of field experiences and student teaching.  It is recommended that pre-majors plan on completing these state requirements during their first semester in college.

It is also the candidate’s responsibility to discuss with any agency, program or school what they require for entrance onto their site.

Failure to provide this documentation upon request by an agency, program or school may result in the candidate’s inability to complete the Early Field Experience and the requirements for Teacher Education. 

If you have any questions or need any assistance in making sure you can be responsible for these expectations, please contact the following:


Procedures for Completing Background Checks


All pre-education candidates must complete a West Virginia State background check for participation in the  Early Field Experience PDS.  This background check is also valid for the 30 & 75 hour field experiences completed after you are accepted into the major.  Please review the steps below to become familiar with the on-campus and off-campus procedures for completing this process.  Candidates will be required to repeat this background check along with an FBI background check when applying for the WV Student Teaching Permit.  


ALL candidates participating in the student teaching clinical experience MUST apply for a WV Student Teaching Permit.   This permit is required by the WV State Department of Education and includes both a WV Background Check and a FBI Background Check.  Candidates will learn more about this process in their student teaching seminar class. 


The West Virginia State Police has contracted with Morpho Trust Enrollment Solutions (formerly L-1 Identity Solutions/Enrollment Services) to conduct electronic scanning and submission of fingerprints.  There are numerous Enrollment Services locations distributed throughout the state of West Virginia. 

In an effort to assist candidates in this process, the FSU Department of Clinical Experiences may attempt to arrange for Morpho Trust Solutions to conduct an on-campus background check day.  Candidates will be notified via their FSU account if and when this service would be offered.

Candidates who would like to obtain a WV Background check on their own can do so online at www.l1enrollment.com or by calling 855-766-7746.


The steps listed below are for pre-education majors participating in the EFE PDS and/or majors completing their 30 or 75 hour field experience.  Please skip Step 1 if you are completing this process at on on-campus background check day.

Step 1:  Registering for Your Appointment Online (To be used when on-campus check is not available or for students not participating in this process.)process.)

  • Go to www.l1enrollment.com (aka MorphoTrust)
  • Click "State of WV"
  • Click "Make a new appointment"
  • From the drop down menu, select "WV Personal Record Check" (DO NOT SELECT THE "EDUCATION" PROMPT) 
  • Click "Continue"   
  • Verify that the "WV Personal Record Check" is listed.  Click "Continue"
  • Complete the "Information Form" (Only complete blocks marked with a red asterisk*
  • Click "Continue"   
  • Click on the "City" you want to go to for your appointment
  • Select "Open Time Slot" (these are the white spaces).   You will get a confirmation on the screen.
  • Click on "Submit" and "Continue"
  • Your appointment is now set.
  • Keep a record of the confirmation number on the final screen!
  • The fee for this service can be found by going to www.l1enrollment.com.   L1 will accept a check, money order, credit card, or debit card. Cash is not accepted.

Step 2:  Preparing for Your Appointment

  • Candidates MUST bring a CURRENT driver's license or state issued identification card with them to their appointment.
  • Pre-Education majors participating in the on campus process will NOT need to bring any forms with them to their on-campus appointment.  Only candidates pre-preparing for student teaching will have forms given to them in their student teaching seminar class.

Step 3:  Criminal Background Check Test Results

  • Candidates can expect to receive the results of their WV background check via U.S. mail within 1-2 weeks.
  • Do not open the envelope!  BE SURE to talk with people at home in advance about the reason for your background checks and the importance of submitting SEALED results to the schools. 
  • Give your sealed envelope to the PDS Teacher Education Coordinator.


Note:  Please be advised that completion of the WV Criminal Background Check and TB test is required by the West Virginia Department of Education and NOT Fairmont State University School of Education.  Teacher education candidates are responsible for acquiring all results and providing them directly to the PDS Teacher Education Coordinator for the school in which they are completing any field experience.








Tuberculosis (TB) Testing

General Information

  • A TB test uses the top layers of skin as a means for detecting tuberculosis.

  • You must return to the original test site two days after the test to have your results read.

  • The Teacher Education major includes multiple field and clinical experiences in a variety of community and public school settings. In order to provide proof of testing at each location requested, it is strongly advised that you make copies of your original test results. Failure to do so may result in a $5.00 administrative copying fee or $20.00 re-test fee.

  • TB tests are conducted in a variety of settings including physicians’ offices, walk-in clinics (such as Med Express) and county Health Departments. Prices for these different organizations may vary.

  • Candidates are sometimes given the actual test TB or may only receive a risk evaluation when there are shortages.   

County Health Department Information*

Information regarding site locations is subject to change. Candidates are strongly encouraged to verify the above location prior to going.






300 Second Street

(Note: TB testing is located in the building across the street from this location.)


Candidates are encouraged to contact the agency directly for the most accurate information related to scheduling options and fees.



330 West Main Street



453 Van Voorhis Road



106 West Main Street, Suite 203 Kingwood



425 South 4th Avenue #1
Paden City



718 West Main Street