Graduate Admissions Requirements

In addition to the general requirements for admission to Graduate Studies at Fairmont State University that follow, applicants to programs in the School of Education, health and Human Performance are required to meet specific SoEHHP Graduate program Admission Requirements.

School of Education, Health and Human Performance Requirements

Applicants for graduate programs in the School of Education Health and Human Performance must meet the following specific criteria in addition to University admission policy criteria:

Unconditional admission: GRE score of 284 (800 on the previous scoring scale) or MAT score of 378.
Provisional admission: GRE score below 284 (or below 800 on the old scale) or MAT score below 378

Note: Certified teachers who have a passing PLT score may be exempted from GRE/Millers requirements. Applicants already holding a master's degree are also exempted.

Provisional Admission

Applicants who are admitted on a provisional basis due to the absence of a test score or who provide a provisional test score at the point of application will matriculate with a restricted set of course options in the first 9 hours of study. Different M.Ed. concentrations and the M.A.T. may have different requirements for the first 9 credit hours depending on the program of study.

Continuation in a program of study for provisionally admitted students will be determined based on performance in the first 9 credit hours. Provisionally admitted students must hold a minimum grade point average of 3.0 with no grade lower than “B” in any graduate course. Provisionally admitted students may not have a grade of “I” or “W” in the first 9 credit hours.

Provisionally admitted students must provide the required test score before the completion of the first term of matriculation (summer, spring or fall) after provisional admission is approved.

Note: Beginning in the fall 2011 the GRE has a new scoring system. The score scale has changed from a 200 – 800 score to 130 – 170 score for the Verbal and Quantitative tests. The previous unconditional score for FSU was combined score of 800 (conditional score = 700). This was based on a Quantitative score of 460 and Verbal score of 340 (340+460 = 800). These scores equal scores of 142 on the new scoring system. This results in the new unconditional acceptance score equaling 284 (new conditional score equals 277). The 460 and 340 scores equaled the same percentile ranking for their respective subtests, in the new scoring system a 142 on the verbal is the same percentile as a 142 on the quant.

Certification Program Admission Requirements

Applicants for any certification program (M.Ed. or M.A.T.) must have a GPA of 2.75 or higher. This includes all transcripts from all previous degrees and matriculation. The provision for calculating the last 60 credit hours noted in General University Graduate Studies Admissions Requirements above do not apply to certificate programs.

All applicants admitted to a graduate program leading to certification are required to complete all field and clinical components in a West Virginia public school.

Note: M.A.T. content condition – Candidates applying to the M.A.T. program must have:

  • Requested a transcript analysis from the SoEHHP Office of Certification to evaluate courses from the undergraduate degree against the requirements for licensure in the secondary content specialization areas offered through Fairmont State.
  • Satisfactorily completed 75% of the required content credit hours prior to admissions to Graduate Studies. (Candidates needing to complete content courses may be admitted as a non-degree student to enroll in content courses, and apply to the M.A.T. program upon completion of the prerequisite course conditions.)
  • Provided a report of a passing score on the Praxis II content test for admission to Graduate Study.

Exercise Science, Fitness and Wellness Program Admission Requirements

Applicants for the M.Ed. in Exercise Science, Fitness and Wellness may have to meet prerequisite course requirements as part of admissions.