Employment Opportunities

Employment opportunities for students graduating with a degree in Accounting, Business Administration, or Information Systems Management from Fairmont State University include the following:


Public Accounting positions: Junior Accountant, Senior Accountant, Manager, Partner
Private Accounting positions: Staff Accountant, Chief Accountant, Controller, Internal Auditor, Treasurer, Financial Analyst
Government Accounting positions: Internal Revenue Service, General Accounting Office, Defense Contract Audit Agency

Business Administration:


Banking positions: Customer Service Representative, Lending Officer, Credit Analyst, Private Banker, Broker, Operations Officer
Corporate Finance positions: Financial Analyst, Business Manager, Investment Banker, Consultant, Controller, Budget Officer
Personal Finance positions: Personal Financial Planner, Broker/Dealer, Insurance Agent, Real Estate Agent
Government Finance Positions: Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), Comptroller of the Currency (OCC), Bureau of Public Debt


Operations Manager, Personnel Manager, Government Manager, Retail/Franchise Manager, Bank Officer and Manager


Advertising Copywriter, Advertising Manager, Marketing Manager, Insurance Broker/Agent, Manufacturer's Representative, Retail Buyer, Retail Sales Entrepreneurship/Small Business
Enterprise Ownership and Management

Information Systems Management:

Entry-level positions in information systems departments, network management, and database administration. Graduates are qualified for work as Computer Consultants, Information Systems Managers, Research and Development Engineers, Software Developers, Logistics Managers, and System or Project Managers. Upper-level positions as Systems Analysts, Database Administrators, Data Communications Specialists, Director of Management Information Systems (MIS), Network Administrators