Emeriti Faculty

Because of their distinguished record of outstanding contribution to Fairmont State University over a substantial number of years, the following business faulty members received Emeritus Faculty status:

  • Gary K. Bennett, C.P.A.
  • Dr. Joseph C. Blankenship
  • Robert L. Bowers, Ph.D.
  • Mary A. "Dede" Burnell, C.P.A.
  • Ruth A. Burns, M.A.
  • Ronald Goodwin, C.P.A.
  • Marvin B. Gould, M.B.A.
  • Carter L. Grocott, M.B.A.
  • Glenn A. Harman, M.B.A.
  • Judith Hoyer-Swanson, M.A., M.S.
  • Edgar N. Jaynes, M.A.
  • William M. Laughlin, M.A.
  • Joan Lawrence, C.P.A.
  • Edward E. Peters, Ph.D.
  • Woodrow A. Potesta, J.D.
  • William M. Potter, M.A.
  • Frederick W. Schaupp, Ed.D.
  • Rebecca Schaupp, Ed.D.