Master of Science in Healthcare Management Curriculum

Our curriculum is specially designed with the needs of healthcare professionals in mind. Our program’s coursework is 100 percent online, with weekend seminars conveniently timed. As you’ll see by the model schedule below, you can finish this degree program’s coursework in 5 semesters.  

For course descriptions, please refer to the University Graduate Catalog.  

A 15-hour certificate in Healthcare Management can be earned upon completion of 5 management core courses (15 credit hours). 

Administrator-In-Training (AIT) Practicum

The AIT Training is designed to address the five (5) Domains of Practice as established by the National Association of Boards of Examiners of Long-Term Care Administrators (NAB).   West Virginia Code §30-25-8 outlines requirements for a license as a Nursing Home Administrator. In addition to meeting requirements specified in Title 21 Legislative Rules (§21-1-1 through §21-1-4), after successful completion of FSU's courses and a 500-hour AIT Externship Program, the student may apply to the West Virginia Nursing Home Administrators’ Licensing Board for waiver of the additional 500 hours generally required by an AIT without an externship program. 

For more information on the 15-hour certificate in Healthcare Management, or the Administrator-in-Training Practicum, please contact: 

M. Raymond Alvarez, DHA, MPA, FACHE
Program Coordinator, Health Care Management 
Room 206 (F) Jaynes Hall
Fairmont State University
Phone: (304) 367-4889 

Sequence of Courses 

Program Year 1

Term Course Title Credit Hours
Fall Semester MHCM 5100 Leadership and Organization  3
Fall Semester MHCM 5200 Healthcare Finance and Strategy 3
Fall Semester MHCM 5030 Healthcare Quality
(FIRST HALF of Semester, 7 Weeks)
Spring Semester MHCM 5300 Healthcare Ethics and Corporate Accountability 3
Spring Semester MHCM 5400 Medical-Legal Issues in HealthCare Delivery 3

Students admitted in the spring cohort start with spring courses and take 5100 and 5200 the next fall, etc. to follow sequence for completion. Students have options to take more than 6 credits during their first and second semesters.

Program Year 2

Term Course Title Credit Hours
Fall Semester  MHCM 5500 Epidemiology and Population Health  3
Fall Semester  MHCM 5600 Healthcare Policy, Trends and Public Financing 3
Fall Semester  MHCM 5020 Lean Six Sigma
(SECOND HALF of Semester, 7 Weeks)
Spring Semester  MHCM 5700 Healthcare Economics   3
Spring Semester  MHCM 5800 Health Information Exchange and Information Systems 3
Spring Semester  MHCM 5010 Designing an Effective Care Continuum
(SECOND HALF of Semester, 7 Weeks)
Summer Semester  MHCM 6000 Introduction to Research Methods 
MHCM 6010 (AIT Part 1)*

Program Year 3

Term Course Title Credit Hours
Fall Semester MHCM 6100 Independent Research – Special Topics 
MHCM 6020 (AIT part 2)*
Fall Semester  MHCM 6200 Strategic Management Capstone   3

*For Administrator in Training (AIT)  concentration, the must be planned at least one semester in advance for WV Nursing Home Administrator’s Licensing Board approval. Students must have completed at least 15 credits of graduate work.  AIT courses replace MHCM 6000 and 6100 and require 500 hours of internship in a licensed long-term care facility.  The AIT should be planned for summer and completed by final semester in the fall.  This requires instructor permission.

Concentration for Health Informatics 

Term Course Title Credit Hours
Fall Semester  MSBA 5900 Cybersecurity   3
Spring Semester  MHCM  6040 Health Informatics Principles and Practice    3
Summer Semester  MHCM 6050 Healthcare Analytics and Data Visualization  3

Concentration for Health Informatics courses replace MHCM 6000, 6100, and 6200.  Students must obtain director approval for the concentrations.