Marketing Course Descriptions

  • MKTG 2204 - PRINCIPLES OF MARKETING: A study of those business activities that direct the flow of goods and services from producers to consumers.

  • MKTG 2205 - SALESMANSHIP AND SALES MANAGEMENT: This course is a study of techniques appropriate to personal selling and managing sales people, both retail and contact.  Students are given opportunities to construct and give presentations.  PR:  MKTG 2204, COMM 2202

  • MKTG 3305 - DISTRIBUTION AND LOGISTICS MANAGEMENT: The purpose of this course is to help students understand specific issues involved in distribution and logistics management.  Systematic approaches to the formulation of distribution and logistical strategies will be discussed.  PR:  MKTG 2204, BUSN 2251

  • MKTG 3310 - CONSUMER BEHAVIOR: This course is a study of those activities, behaviors, and processes exhibited by consumers directly involving the selection, procurement, consumption, and disposition of products and services.  PR:  MKTG 2204, BUSN 2251

  • MKTG 3320 - ADVERTISING AND SALES PROMOTION: This is a survey course of social, psychological, and some technical aspects of advertising and sales promotion for both business and journalism students.   PR:  MKTG 2204, BUSN 2251

  • MKTG 3330 - INTERNATIONAL MARKETING: The purpose of this course is to help students understand specific issues involved in entering international markets and conducting marketing operations on an international scale as opposed to a domestic scale.

  • MKTG 3340 - MARKETING RESEARCH: This course is designed to introduce students to the nature and scope of market research and its role in designing and implementing successful market programs.  Among the topics covered are the market research process, research design, data collection and analysis.  Basic and advanced statistics techniques will be discussed in detail, with emphasis on explaining the procedures, interpreting the results, and uncovering the managerial implications.  PR:  BUSN 3310, MKTG 2204

  • MKTG 3399 - SPECIAL TOPICS IN MARKETING: This is an advanced studies course in special select marketing topics.  The topics will be determined by the instructor and approved by the Dean.  PR:  Completed 12 hours of Marketing.

  • MKTG 4450 - MARKETING MANAGEMENT: This course is designed to provide a more in-depth study of marketing theory and processes.   Emphasis will be placed on the analysis and decision-making processes required of marketing managers.  PR: MKTG 3310, MKTG 3320, MKTG 3340