Finance Course Descriptions

BSBA 2221 - INTRODUCTION TO FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT: This introductory finance course is designed to familiarize the student with the role of financial management in maximizing the value of the firm. Students will gain familiarity with the functions of finance, and the institutions and instruments that carry out these functions in the financial marketplace today. The course encompasses primarily corporate finance, but when appropriate, personal finance applications are also introduced. Concepts examined include: the scope and environment of financial management, financial markets, financial analysis and forecasting, the time value of money, securities valuation, capital budgeting, working capital management, leasing, and other special topics in financial management. PR: BSBA 2201

FINC 3307 - PERSONAL FINANCE: A study of the problems a consumer must face in his or her day-to-day buying and living. It includes a brief survey of budgets, life insurance, investments, managing personal finance, buying services, and other consumer issues. PR: BSBA 2221, BSBA 2212

FINC 3350 - INVESTMENTS: This is an introduction and survey course covering the broad field of investments, with the approach being descriptive rather than quantitative. There is substantial emphasis on terminology and vocabulary, and the course covers fixed- and variable-return investments, options and futures, markets and brokerage operations, portfolio theory and analysis, and real estate investments. PR: BSBA 2221

FINC 3384 BANK MANAGEMENT: This course examines both the principles and the practices of contemporary bank management. The course covers the various aspects of bank organization and operation, capital formation and utilization, asset/liability management, planning, law and regulation, internal control, competition and deregulation, the evolution of banking, and some selected current issues in banking. PR: BSBA 2221

FINC 3385 - ANALYZING FINANCIAL STATEMENTS: This course provides the student with the necessary techniques and tools to evaluate the financial condition and operating performance of a modern business. The course will cover the terminology of financial analysis, horizontal and vertical analysis, financial ratios, pro forma statements, funds flow analysis, breakeven analysis and other analytical tools. PR: ENGL 1108, BSBA 2221, BISM 2200

FINC 4410 - MANAGERIAL FINANCE: This advanced course is designed to extend the coverage of the field of corporate finance with emphasis on capital budgeting, risk, capital structure and dividend policy, and financing decisions. Special topics covered will include: mergers and acquisitions, financial distress, and international corporate finance. PR: BSBA 3310, FINC 3350, FINC 3385

FINC 4412 - PC APPLICATIONS FOR MANAGERIAL FINANCE: This course is designed to enable students to master the concepts and techniques of corporate finance using PC applications. The course will be taught in the computer lab making extensive use of spreadsheet models and templates. The effect of policy will be measured and analyzed, and problems solved through the use of multiple case studies. Topics covered include financial analysis, financial forecasting and planning, capital budgeting, cost of capital, and other topics in finance. PR: FINC 4410