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Phone: 304-333-3777

  • To reserve Hardway 121, please press 1 for Andy Ridgway
  • To reserve Hardway 219, please press 2 for Tami Winston
  • For Library Multi Media room A or B, please use Learning Commons Scheduling
  • For Feaster Center reservations, please press 4 to reach Dalene Horner
  • For Education Room 303, Education Quad or Lobby, press 5 for Penny Marks
  • For the Falcon Center: Conference Area, Gyms, Board Room and including  Colebank: contact Cathy Basagic 304-367-4090 or press 6
  • For the Falcon Center:  Pool or Bounce House Parties: Call Philip Locante 304-368-7223, or Michelle Duckworth 304-367-4643 or press 6


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Important: Fairmont State University is now using a new reservation system and has discontinued using this system. Please use this link to access our new system: https://fairmontstate.libcal.com/

The following policies pertain to reserving space in the Falcon Center & Colebank Hall:

Reservation Policies:

  1. All external reservations will be made through the Conference Services Office, by contacting 304-333-3777. All events must adhere to the policies listed on the website, and the specific details of each event will be reviewed on an individual basis to ensure compliance with these policies. 

  2. Internal reservations by faculty and staff are to be submitted by logging into http://www.fairmontstate.edu/reservations/, clicking “Request Resource” and entering information into the required fields. If you are a faculty or staff member without a log in, you should contact 304-333-3777.  

  3. We request all set-up, parking, use of interpreters, catering and audio-visual needs by internal departments to be determined when making the reservation. A reservation will not be complete until the requester selects or denies a number of potential services. If further detail needs to be provided for a service request, indicate it in “Additional Notes”. Faculty/staff will be asked to provide a procurement card (4-digit code) for billing purposes.

  4. Student Organizations should contact either Cathy Basagic at 304-367-4090 or Rosemary Bonasso at 304-367-4950 to schedule facilities.

  5. Whenever possible, priority for the Fitness Rooms, Gyms and Pool Area will go to students. Please note that one of the 3 gyms will always be left open to accommodate student use. Please also note that the Weight Room and Track Area are not open for reservations, and will remain open for regular use during normal hours.

  6. Please note that the Falcon Center Pool is open separate hours from the Falcon Center; please take this into account when making your reservation. Also, one of two lifeguards must be on duty at all times during events an open recreation in the Falcon Center Pool.

  7. All reservations need to take place during the Falcon Center building hours (including Colebank gym).  Refer to building hours on the website.  If your event requires access before or after open or closing times, a staff member will be provided for an additional fee. Please be advised that when academic classes are not in session, The Falcon Center has limited hours. Please take this into account when making your reservation.

  8. You will be notified by e-mail when your reservation is created. This e-mail is only to notify you of its creation. Afterwards, an additional e-mail will be sent when your reservation is confirmed. If for any reason your reservation cannot be confirmed, you will be contacted by the appropriate person.

  9. Reservations must be submitted a minimum of two working days before the date of the event, and will be taken no more than 1 year in advance, and will be done on a first come-first serve basis.  No "holding" of space will be done.  

  10. Reservations are subject to change with booking of external conference events. The internal group or individual reserving the space will be notified 2 weeks in advance of a change in venue. 

  11. We request a 48 hour cancellation notice for all events; if the reservation is cancelled in less than 48 hours, the client will incur the full cost of the reservation. This policy shall be waived if the cancellation is due to inclement weather or other unforeseen events that physically prevent the event from taking place. In this case, if an alternative date cannot be found for the event to be held, then any deposits made shall be refunded in the same manner they were provided.


  1. Prices are located on the Falcon Center Website under Reservation Pricing. http://www.fairmontstate.edu/falconcenter/facility-reservations/reservat....  Prices are per day or partial (less than 4 hours) depending on the facility requested; if you request an additional day for set-up needs, billing will be adjusted for the extra time.  

  2. Please note that Internal events that will be primarily attended by guests who are not faculty, staff, or students may be subject to additional costs to accommodate parking needs.

  3. Internally sponsored events that sell tickets will be billed for the space used at the External rate, to accommodate additional parking and setup costs.

  4. In accordance with existing policies, registered Student Organizations are able to reserve locations on Main Street at no charge. In addition, they may also reserve half of Colebank Gym with minimal set up at no charge. However, large events in Colebank that require the entire gym, such as dances, will still be billed at the normal internal rate. Please note that reservations for the Conference Rooms will always use the standard internal rate.

Setup/Tear Down

  1. Setup of the event will be done in as timely a manner as possible. If you are providing additional decorations for events that will require more time to setup, please contact Cathy Basagic at 304-367-4090. Please note that in some cases, our policies restrict the placement of decorations or the materials used, and any damage to the facility or equipment incurred by these materials will be billed to the client.

  2. If any of the furniture of the facility itself is damaged upon arrival, report the damage immediately to Cathy Basagic at 304-367-4090, or Robin Yeager, 367-4783 so the furniture can be removed.  If it is determined that any damages to furniture or the facility occurred during the reservation, the client will be responsible for all costs incurred for repairs. 

  3. All decorations and materials set up and used during the event must be removed within 24 hours of the event’s end. If this is not possible please make arrangements prior to the event so that we may allow for this. If this is not done, then any decorations and materials not removed in this time frame shall be disposed of.

  4. Please double check the event space at the end of your event for any personal items left by your participants. If found during tear down, every attempt will be made by the facility staff to place personal items lost by event participants in the lost and found at the Falcon Center Front Desk. However, we cannot be held responsible for items left behind by the client or event participants.


  1. For all events on campus, please contact Cathy Basagic for catering needs, at 304-367-4090

  2. All catering for on campus events must be provided by Aladdin Food Management Services, unless you receive a written exception from them. Any exceptions will only apply to the individual event they were given to, and for recurring events they must be granted for each individual event.

 For any other questions or concerns, please feel free to contact Cathy Basagic at 304-367-4090.


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