Fairmont State’s Criminal Justice Program Receives National Recognition

Thursday, July 15, 2021

Fairmont State University has recently been ranked among the top 100 Best Affordable Criminal Justice Programs in the country by University Headquarters. University Headquarters is an online resource aiming to help students navigate the higher education process, assisting students to find top rated colleges, scholarships, potential salaries upon graduation and determining a career path.

University Headquarters considers several factors to determine its rankings to assist students in their college searches. Details including cost of tuition, admission rate, graduating salary, among several others are examined throughout the ranking process to provide student support and ensure a valuable degree upon graduation.

“We are thrilled to receive this recognition,” said Fairmont State University President, Mirta M. Martin. “We take great pride in offering affordable opportunities to our students. But affordability must go hand in hand with quality in order to offer the type of transformative experience Fairmont State is known for. This recognition is evidence of that unique combination of excellence and affordability, and a testament to the criminal justice program and its extraordinary teacher mentors.”

Fairmont State criminal justice faculty provide expertise in law enforcement, investigations, corrections, criminal law, research and theory. The Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice allows for student flexibility to choose courses which best reflect their individual interests and career aspirations.

Graduates of the criminal justice program are qualified for employment in city, county, state and federal criminal justice agencies and in the rapidly-growing private industrial security field. Criminal justice graduates often seek positions as detectives, DEA agents, juvenile probation officers or correctional counselors.

To learn more about the Fairmont State University criminal justice program, visit www.fairmontstate.edu/criminaljustice.