Fairmont State University’s Academy for the Arts Receives Grant for K-12 Initiative

Tuesday, September 07, 2021

Fairmont State University’s Academy for the Arts has been awarded a $10,000 grant from the George W. Bowers Family Charitable Trust. The grant will allow the Academy for the Arts to provide scholarship opportunities to new and current Academy for the Arts K-12 students. Students currently attending Blackshere Elementary, Monongah Elementary and Middle School, Fairview Elementary and Middle School, Barrackville Elementary and Middle School, Mannington Middle School and North Marion High School will be eligible to apply for a needs-based scholarship.

“Fairmont State University’s Academy for the Arts provides a unique and vital arts training environment for the surrounding area,” said Fairmont State University President, Mirta M. Martin. “We couldn’t do what we do at Fairmont State without the terrific support of our community. This grant from the George W. Bowers Family Charitable Trust enables us to uphold our commitment to our community, and add to its cultural richness.”

Fairmont State University Academy for the Arts is dedicated to providing students with quality training and exposure to the arts. Instruction in visual art, music and theatre enables students to appreciate, perform and create. The academy utilizes Fairmont State facilities and highly qualified instructors drawn from Fairmont State faculty and area teachers. The Academy follows the National Guild of Community Schools of the Arts standards as a base for its curriculum. This program is integral to Fairmont State University’s long-standing identification with its community, in particular the cultural and social development of the region.

The Academy for the Arts consists of three departments, music preparatory, theatre, preparatory and visual arts preparatory. The Music Preparatory Department provides the highest level of instruction in music to students of all ages and abilities. This includes opportunities to perform in a safe, positive atmosphere to encourage the creative and artistic growth of members. The program’s primary objective is to stimulate growth and inspire the creativity of the individual student and to identify and address the musical needs of the community at large.

The Theatre Arts Preparatory Department provides quality instruction in the theatre arts based on a sequential, age-appropriate curriculum taught by qualified instructors. In cooperation with the Academy for the Arts Youth Theatre Company, the Theatre Arts Preparatory Department also provides students opportunities to apply their learning in an environment that fosters teamwork, creative thinking and professionalism.

The Visual Arts Preparatory Department provides all ages with a range of visual art media and experiences. Classes include quality age-appropriate instruction taught by qualified instructors. Children are encouraged to explore creative problem solving, while adults enjoy revisiting artistic interests or learning a new skill through hands-on activities in a group atmosphere.

“We are thrilled to be able to offer exciting new scholarship opportunities to North Marion area students. Thanks to funds from the grant provided by George W. Bowers Family Charitable Trust, we will be able to offer full and partial tuition scholarships to deserving North Marion area students throughout the 2021-2022 school year,” said Director of Performing Arts Outreach and Development, Leigh Anne Bolyard. “For many years we have seen the incredibly talented young artists that come from the North Marion attendance area. This is a great opportunity for new families to join our program, and current students to further their arts education and training. Whether they are a beginner or an experienced performer or artist, our phenomenal staff of instructors will help students hone their craft.” 

Students of all skill levels will be eligible to apply for a scholarship. No prior experience or training is required. The Academy for the Arts offers private lessons and classes in Music, Visual Art, Dance and Theatre for ages 5 to adult. 

For further information or to obtain a scholarship application, contact lbolyard1@fairmontstate.edu.