WiFi - Wireless Network

Wi-Fi Upgrade:

Over the summer Fairmont State University’s Information Technology Department began replacing the campus wireless network – moving from 802.11N to 802.11AC. 

What does that mean? 

It means speed and performance.  The new network is two to three times faster than the old Wi-Fi and will support more users per access point.

Currently, this new network is installed in the new University Terrace and the Pierpont Advanced Technology Center in South Fairmont.  It is being rolled out across campus and we want to let you know what to expect. 

The old Wi-Fi network had names, or SSID’s, like Campus_Guest or Campus_User.  The new Wi-Fi network has names like Guest, Student or Staff. 

It is important to know that you must set up your devices for both networks if you want to use them across the entire campus during this transition.  The Tech Commons, located in the Library, can help you configure your devices right now so that you will be ready.

Internet Upgrade:

Have you ever noticed the Internet on campus slows down in the evenings?  This is caused by the increasing demand on Internet caused by streaming media as people access Netflix, Hulu, or others.

We are currently at the capacity of our Internet systems but are diligently working on upgrading it.  Sometime this week/weekend we will be installing an Internet bandwidth optimization tool that will hopefully solve the current slowdown being experienced.

But that’s not all we are doing.  Over the winter holiday, we will be upgrading the network circuit that delivers bandwidth to us.  After this is done, we can drastically increase bandwidth to meet the campus need.

We provide wireless internet connectivity to our network campus-wide, at any of the Fairmont State University locations.

There are various connections available:

  • Guests to our campus can connect using our Campus_Guest network.
  • Students will connect using our Campus_User network or our Student network, depending on where they are located on campus.
  • Faculty and Staff will also connect using Campus_User, or they can connect to the Staff network, depending on where they are located on campus.

Directions to connect to each network using various devices and operating systems are listed below. There are always exceptions depending on your device hardware, so if you are having trouble connecting to any of these networks please call the Information Technology Commons at 304-367-4810 and choose option 3 to speak to a representative, or bring your mobile device to our office in room 139 of the library building. 

Wi-Fi Rollout Schedule

Location Installation Timeframe Status
University Terrace July - November 2016 Complete
Advanced Technology Center June - July 2016 Complete
Feaster Center November 2016 In Progress
Bryant Place November 2016 In Progress
Library December 2016  
Falcon Center January 2017  
Colebank Hall January 2017  
Jaynes Hall February 2017  
Hunt Haught Hall February 2017  
Engineering Tech/Wallman March 2017  
Hardway Hall March 2017  
Turley Center April 2017