Fairmont State University provides wireless network services for University students, faculty, staff, and guests.


Available Networks:

  • Students: A secure Wi-Fi to be used by students.
  • Res_Hall: A secure Wi-Fi to be used by students in Residence Halls.
  • Staff: A secure Wi-Fi to be used by staff and faculty. 
  • Guest: An open Wi-Fi network for guests and visitors.


Connecting to Student Network
  1. Choose Student from your device’s wireless options.
  2. Enter in your UCA (Username):
    • Apple & Windows Devices: username@students and password.
    • Android & ChromeOS: students\username and password.
      • ​Under Advanced settings enter:
        • EAP Method: PEAP
        • Phase 2 authentication: MSCHAPV2
        • Certificate: select "Do not check" or "Don't validate"
Connecting to Staff Network
  1. Choose Staff from your device’s wireless options.
  2. Enter your UCA username and UCA password.
    • Example: Username: jdoe Password: UCA Password
Connecting to Residence Hall Network

Student Housing offers students a personalized private wireless network. This enables the use of Gaming Consoles, Streaming Devices, and most other smart devices in the Residence Halls.

Onboarding and Connecting for Res_Hall Network:

  1.  Connect to the “Student_Onboarding” wireless network.
  2. At the ExtremeCloud IQ Secure Internet Portal, log in with your Fairmont State UCA and Password.
    • Example students\jdoe
  3. A Pre-shared Key (password) for Res_Hall will be assigned.
    • Note: Write down or take note of your pre-shared key.
  4. Close this wireless connection
  5. Connect to the “Res_Hall” wireless network.
  6. Enter the Pre-shared key (password) from step 2.  A username is not required.
    • Note: Forget the “Student_Onboarding” network to keep from connecting to it in the future.
  7. Repeat steps 5 and 6 for all devices you desire to connect.

Connecting Gaming Systems to Res_Hall 
  1. Follow the steps listed in "Connecting to Residence Hall Network" above.
  2. Ensure the gaming system is plugged into the networking port, and leave it plugged in until a connection is made. 
Connecting to Guest Network 
  1. Choose Guest from your device’s wireless options.
  2. Open a new browser window (try Internet Explorer or Google Chrome) and enter a valid email address in the Email field on the authentication page.

Connecting Devices:

Connecting to Campus Networks with Windows

Connecting to Campus Networks with a Mac, iPad, or iPhone

Connecting to Campus Networks with Android or Chromebook