Multi Factor Authentication - Office 365

Fairmont State has adopted Multi Factor Authentication for Office 365.


Due to the ever increasing number of internet vulnerabilities, these steps will offer greater protection to your Microsoft account and its contained data, such as documents on One Drive and your emails.  

Required Step: Go to our Office 365 page (like you would if you were going to check your email). On the Microsoft log in page you will see a message that informs you that your account now requires additional security verification; you will see a “Set it up now” button.

Once you click this button, you will see the additional security verification screen. This is where you will enter your phone number so that a confirmation code can be texted to you. Once you have received and entered the code, you have verified your identity. You will then be shown a generated password (known as an “app password”) to use for some applications that access your email. We will cover that in Optional Step #2.


Optional Step #1: If you access your email on your phone using an app, you will be prompted for a confirmation code that will be texted to you. This will set up the additional security for the app and verify your identity. Unless something changes with your app, you shouldn’t have to enter a code again.

Optional Step #2: To use some applications that access your email account, you will need to use an “app password”. Some examples of these applications are Outlook and OneDrive. You will enter this special “app password” where you would normally enter your UCA password. When you set up your verification, an initial app password was created. You can use this password or create as many new ones as you like. To create and manage your app passwords go to your profile and select "My account" then go to Security & privacy > Additional security verification > Create and manage app passwords. Microsoft will not let you look up a password if you need to use it later… you will need to save it somewhere or create a new one. You can have as many app passwords as you want or need. To organize your app passwords, you can simply use the initial app password for each device and app you have, create an app password for each device (desktop, laptop, phone, etc.), create an app password for each app, regardless of the device, or however you want… It is up to you. The best rule to remember is if the app doesn’t tell you it is sending you a confirmation code, it wants an app password.

Optional Step #3: If you do not wish to receive a text message for your confirmation code, you can install an app on your phone to generate the confirmation code instead (we recommend Microsoft Authenticator available in both the Android Play Store and the Apple App Store). Below are the steps to use Microsoft Authenticator…


  1. Log in to Office 365 and go to Settings. Choose Security & Privacy > Additional security verification > Update my phone numbers used for account security.
  2. In the drop down box under “What's your preferred option”, choose Notify me through app.
  3. Check the box for Microsoft Authenticator app, click “Configure”. You will be walked through an easy to follow wizard.


When using the authenticator app you will need to confirm access to your web mail on your phone.

If you have any questions or problems with setting up your multi-factor authentication, feel free to call or stop by the Technology Commons for help.