Student email changes

Has an email to a student bounced?

IT made some changes over the summer to improve service to student email. This change may result in some incorrectly returned email. If you email a Fairmont State University student and get a bounced email, please do one of the following.

Preferred Solution

The permanent, and preferred, solution is to delete your Outlook cache. This cache is what auto-completes email addresses when you begin typing in the "To" field. Please save any professional contacts or other emails you can't look up to an Outlook contact before removing the cache since all email addresses will be permanently removed by this process.

To remove the Outlook cache, do the following.

  1. Open Outlook, and in the top left, click File
  2. Click Options 
  3. Click Mail 
  4. Click Empty Auto-Complete List button. You will have to scroll to see it.
  5. Choose Yes

Temporary Solution

If you need time to create contacts from your Outlook cache, you will need to use webmail to email students. Access webmail through the MyCampus portal and copy/paste your email addresses there.

This is a temporary solution, and everyone should still plan to empty their Outlook cache as soon as possible.

Do you email Pierpont students?

Pierpont recently changed their student email to gmail. All Pierpont student email addresses have changed format from to This change went into effect August 1.

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