Office of International Students Services

   As an international student at FSU, you will have two advisors. Your academic advisor will be a professor of the subject you are majoring in, and will help you make decisions about which classes to take and answer any questions you may have about your classes or profession. If you are having trouble in a class, you should speak to your academic advisor and ask for advice. The international student advisor, Geneva Hines, will help you settle in to the culture of West Virginia and FSU. She will guide you through the customs, responsibilities, and privileges of being a student.

   While at FSU, it is your responsibility to come to the International Student Services Office each semester to update your SEVIS record. If you do not come in time, you may become out of status. Once out of status, it is much more difficult to be re-instated. Please check in with the International Student Services Office as soon as possible at the beginning of each semester or if your address changes throughout the semester. It is also very important to make sure that the office has correct and current information about how to contact you in case of any problems. Please be sure to check your student e-mail at least once a week—our office, your teachers, and the school administration will contact you through this e-mail address.