Why Take Honors Courses

Why Take Honors Math 1107

Students in Professor LaRue's Math 1107 reported:

  • "I felt that the class was not as difficult as I feared it would be and was even quite fun."
  • “I would encourage others to take the Honor Math 1107 course because for someone who does not enjoy math it is far more interesting than most courses."
  • “For the first time in my life, math class was FUN!"
  • “Not only was this class academically stimulating, it also provided me with awareness of mathematics in my life."
  • “I would recommend taking the Honors section as it was for me an interesting experience I perhaps would not have had in most other Math settings."
  • “I found this class to be very thought-provoking, in both material and approach."
  • “I would readily encourage all students to take Honor Math 1107, especially non-majors. The class makes a perfect liberal studies class, as it teaches math concepts in layman's terms, and helps students to see the math in the world around them."
  • “I've actually told a lot of my friends how fun the class is and that it's the first time I've enjoyed learning math since middle school algebra."
  • “I learned that math can once again be interesting and fun, and this class was the reason."
  • “I would certainly call myself someone who dislikes math, but I found this class to be refreshing and enjoyable."
  • “I was pleasantly surprised when the class took a more informal, yet more informative route in the teaching of mathematical concepts."
  • “This course has stimulated my interests in many fields, the most important being a desire to know more about the world around me in whatever ways I can."
  • “I would suggest people who aren't fond of math or who don't really enjoy doing problems to take this class, as the approach is very different from tradition."
  • “You learn about weird and different math equations and it's a good brush-up on some of the math you might have forgotten since freshman year in high school."
  • “The concepts being introduced, and the homework that we were doing in the workbooks were not too difficult, but they were challenging in a very interesting way."
  • “This course is not just math, but it is a mixture of math and life."
  • “Honors Math 1107 is not a class that students must struggle through, but is a class that provides a healthy dose of intrigue and challenge."
  • “I learned that math is fun. It is more than just numbers. Teachers had always said, 'Learn math. It is everywhere.' But none had actually showed this to me until this year. It really is everywhere!"
  • The class is interesting, challenging but not impossible, fun, and perhaps best of all it's not too hard!"
  • “Through this class I have realized that nearly everything can have a mathematics background. Almost everything can be applied to these backgrounds to understand how things are made and generally how they work."
  • “I learned math isn't the worst subject in the world like I thought it was. I didn't like it before, because I have never had a teacher that explained why we needed to know the things that were being taught."
  • “I would highly encourage the course to people who need a refresher in math or those who simply do not like math. It made math a little more fun for me, and it taught me that there is so much more to math than algebra and geometry. Mather is interwoven into everything that we do."
  • “I now see that math is a huge factor in our daily lives, and I feel as if I have greatly benefited from this class."
  • “This class is a really great class for those students who have decided to focus their attention on other subjects that don't involve math because the math we have learned is mostly practical."