About the Program

Being a member of the Honors Association at Fairmont State University allows you to experience a richer, more complete experience while in college. With academic opportunities, a close-knit community, and many other benefits, becoming a part of Honors will be a life-changing decision.

This enriching program includes priority registration, smaller class sizes, the chance at leadership positions, volunteer projects, a dedicated computer lab, a mentoring program, an annual trip to Washington, D.C., unique study abroad opportunities, and an array of activities and events.

Honors students have, because of their smaller class sizes, the advantage of getting to know their professors on a more personal level.  Honors students also have the opportunity to meet and talk with the President and the Provost in the Honors Residence.

Monthly meetings are held on the second Tuesday of every month, with open executive meetings on all other Tuesdays, and are a good opportunity to socialize with peers, catch up with the goings-on of the Program, and enjoy a free lunch! At the end of the spring semester, the Executive Board of the program is elected, with appointed chair positions available.

By joining the Honors Association, you are connecting with a group of diverse people, who come together with the common desire to pursue beyond the bare minimum of learning and thinking.

Honors DC Trip Picture