Graduate Studies


On behalf of Fairmont State University and the Office of Graduate Studies, welcome to our website.  This website presents information about Graduate Studies at FSU, as well as detailed information about individual programs and how to apply for admission.

As the demand for highly trained professionals in every field increases, more and more students are choosing to pursue a master's level degree.  The degree, once considered primarily a stepping stone toward a doctorate, is becoming, for many, a terminal degree.  Many fields which once employed graduates with bachelor's degrees now prefer to hire those with master's degrees.  Fairmont State University is meeting that need by offering master’s degrees in criminal justice, business and a variety of areas within the field of professional education.

Graduate Studies at Fairmont State University are designed to give students advanced knowledge in a special field of study, higher levels of professional competence, an understanding of and respect for scholarly research and a sophisticated knowledge  of the techniques of continued, lifelong intellectual growth.  These goals are achieved through coherent, orderly programs of study, investigation and supervised practical experiences that are carefully planned by each individual student in consultation with a graduate faculty advisor.

Choosing to pursue a Master's degree program at Fairmont State University represents a commitment to excellence, personal growth, and lifelong learning.  Our graduate programs are committed to a student-centered learning environment that emphasizes concrete experiences, intellectual discourse, and critical reflection.  Fairmont State University is small enough to allow each graduate student opportunities for interaction with fellow students and distinguished faculty members, yet large enough to provide challenging and diverse areas of study.  To better serve graduate students, the university schedules classes at times designed to meet the scheduling needs of part-time as well as full-time students.  In fact, several programs and many courses are delivered primarily online.  Such courses typically receive student ratings that surpass those of traditional, face-to-face classes.

Director of Graduate Studies


"Passion is the root of success. No matter your path in life, no matter the title of your degree, you will go far if you follow your passion. My passion led me to Fairmont State University, where I’ve called home for the past five years. I’ve had incredible experiences, developed both on and off the field, and forged friendships that will last a lifetime. But above all, Fairmont State University has taught me to Be First. Whether it’s pinning the opposition inside their own five-yard line on the football field or nailing that dreaded statistics final, I strive to be the best at what I’m doing: I strive to Be First. I’m an MBA graduate from Fairmont State University with a passion for people. I have held various positions in sales and management and I am looking to apply the knowledge gained from those positions, coupled with my extensive marketing education, to becoming a leader in tomorrow’s business world."

Benjamin B. Landis
MBA, 2012