Graduate Faculty

Criminal Justice
Program Faculty:

Jeri Kirby
Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice
110 Hardway Hall
Phone: (304) 367-4676

Dr. John McLaughlin
Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice
110-K Hardway Hall
Phone: (304) 333-3664

Dr. Amanda Sanchez, Graduate Director
Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice
110-I Harway Hall
Phone: (304) 333-3735

Dr. Joshua Smallridge
Associate Professor of Criminal Justice
110-E Hardway Hall
Phone: (304) 367-4740

Travis Zimmerman
Temporary Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice

Program Faculty:

JoDonna Burdoff
Adjunct Professor of Education

Dr. Julia dos Santos
Assistant Professor of Exercise Science
308 Colebank Hall
(304) 333-3649

Dr. Bonnie Henning
Assistant Professor of Special Education
341 Education Building

Dr. Roxann Humbert
Associate Professor of Education
312 Education Building
Phone: (304) 367-4160

Ms. Keisha Kibler
Assistant Professor of Education
343 Education Building
(304) 367-4394

Dr. Janie Leary
Associate Professor of Community Health
 Hardway Hall

Dr. Amanda Metcalf, Graduate Director
Interim Associate Dean, School of Education, Health and Human Performance
345 Education Building
Phone: (304) 367-4142

Dr. Valerie Morphew
Professor of Elementary Education
334 Education Building
Phone: (304) 367-4664

Dr. Jason Noland
Assistant Professor of Education
312 Education Building
Phone: (304) 333-3686

Ms. Barbara Owens
Director, PDS Partnership & Clinical Experiences
328 Education Building
Phone: (304) 367-4866

Dr. Pamela Pittman
Assistant Professor of Reading Education
349 Education Building
Phone: (304) 367-4272

Dr. Julie Reneau
Associate Professor of Education
343 Education Building
Phone: (304) 367-4507

Dr. Paul Reneau
Professor of Exercise Science
309 A Colebank Hall

Dr. Susan Ross, Director of Graduate Studies
Associate Professor of Physical Education
208 Hardway Hall
Phone: (304) 367-4098

Dr. Gerald H. Sapp
Professor of Education
Education Building, Room 313
Phone: (304) 367-4663

Dr. Sharon Smith
Professor of Education
333 Education Building
Phone: (304) 367-4665

Dr. Robin Yeager
Director of Falcon Center
Adjunct Professor of Exercise Science
316 Student Affairs Suite
Phone: (304) 367-4783


Program Faculty:

Dr. Gina Fantasia
Associate Professor of Business and Associate Dean, School of Business
107-A Jaynes Hall
Phone: (304) 367-4722

Dr. Rebecca Giorcelli
Associate Dean, School of Business
201-B Engineering Technology
Phone: (304) 367-4724

Dr. Amy Godfrey
Assistant Professor of Economics
116-C Jaynes Hall
Phone: (304) 333-3680

Dr. Richard Harvey
Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs
Professor of Finance and Business Law

111-C Jaynes Hall
Phone: (304) 367-4261

Dr. Gregory Hinton
Senior Level Professor of Business Law
215-A Jaynes Hall
Phone: (304) 367-4244

Dr. Joseph Kremer
Assistant Professor of Finance
Jaynes Hall, Room 116 B
Phone: (304) 367-4744

Dr. Timothy Oxley, Graduate Director
Interim Dean, School of Business
111 Jaynes Hall
Phone: (304) 367-4646

Dr. Sunil Surendran
Professor of Marketing and Management
206-G Jaynes Hall
Phone: (304) 367-4404

Program Faculty:

Dr. Robert Kelly, Director
Associate Professor of Architecture
217-A Hardway Hall
Phone: (304) 367-4640

Mr. Philip Freeman
Architecture Programs Coordinator
Associate Professor of Architecture

404 Engineering Technology Building
Phone: (304) 367-4237

Mr. Kirk Morphew
Chair of Architecture Department
Licensing Advisor
Professor of Architecture

401 Engineering Technology Building
Phone: (304) 367-4628

Ryan Sinclair,
Adjunct Professor of Architecture

Mr. William Yoke, Jr
Adjunct Professor of Architecture

Other Graduate Faculty:

Dr. J. Robert Baker
Senior Level Professor of English
321 Jaynes Hall
Phone: (304) 367-4260

Dr. Anthony Gilberti
Professor of Technology Education
402 Engineering Technology Building
Phone (304) 367-4887

Dr. Debra A. Hemler
Coordinator of Science Education
Professor of Geoscience

315 Hunt Haught Hall
Phone: (304) 367-4393

Mr. James Matthews
Professor of English
321 Jaynes Hall
Phone: (304) 367-4780

Dr. Elizabeth Savage
Professor of English
314 Jaynes Hall
Phone: 304-367-4085




Faculty interested in applying for graduate faculty status should obtain the Application and submit it to the Office of Graduate Studies.