Workgroup Plans

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Workgroup Plans

December 20, 2007

Present: Erica Harvey, Bob Heffner, Jennifer Okin, & Jennifer Rinker

  • Jennifer Rinker will talk to Vicki Holcomb about finding the forms in the directory (name issues) and getting the actual lists from each person that Vicki collated.
  • Talk to Peter Wilkins about getting Jennifer R. access to the M: drive for the forms workgroup.
  • She will talk to Valerie Woofter about how to do fillable Word forms.
  • Jennifer R. will proceed with converting the top 30 forms into the format preferred by their users.
  • For forms that still have to be printed, she will use pdf (two versions back so users will be able to open.)
  • Jennifer Okin and Jennifer R. will begin meeting with the custodians and or main recipients for each of the top 30 forms to decide what format will be used.
  • Jennifer and Jennifer will co-edit this page (with help from anyone else who is interested) to explain the pros and cons and basic uses for each type of form above.
  • Add a mail-to link and place to submit suggestions or questions at the top of the current Forms Repository page.
  • Add links to the Forms Repository page to direct people from common alternate names to the real form name.
  • Use the horizontal display for forms that are available in alternate software versions.
  • Talk to Matt Jenkins about security/permissions and also about submittable forms that come as .csv rather than just email and if there is any way to put a page counter on the forms repository page so we can document use.
  • Get a measure of how long it takes to convert forms, as you get more experienced with the various types.
  • Maybe a consistent look and feel for the forms, a little color, etc. Even just make the lines maroon. Header with version date, name of the form in same place on all forms, something that says it is a Fairmont State form.
  • Talk with Evie and departmental staff about converting the Override form to the same method as currently used for physical plant.


January 8, 2007

Present: Erica Harvey & Jennifer Okin

  • Communication with Graphics and Jennifer and who does what is an issue. We need to just establish the fact that Jennifer is the project manager for a project that will last until mid- May 2008. Her role is to manage the other people involved, including Jennifer Rinker, Bob Heffner and the forms custodians for the first 30 forms. She also serves as the campus point of contact for getting new forms into the repository or updating existing forms (so the web page needs to be updated to show that, clearly.) Also don’t really need the DRAFT on there any more.
  • The project is:
  1. Establish a working and well-publicized forms repository, complete with mechanisms to keep the forms updated and organized, mechanisms to help users convert forms to more effective electronic versions, a trained user community and a plan to keep those mechanisms going after the project ends.
  • Contact each form custodian and explain how we want the process to work. In fact, make a web or wiki page to explain it
  • Lay out all the roles of everyone involved in the project. Then meet with each custodian or small groups to get their specific needs addressed.
  • Give examples of the types that are possible.
  • 2007 to 2003 conversion – be careful on InfoPath
  • Run the project collaboration through the wiki.
  • Actually changing forms with/for users....
  • We need an IT step in the most advanced forms, to get the full functionality of the electronic receipt process, or specifically the extraction of data from the sent form by the recipient, into a central electronic location where it is needed. * work with IT to get the .xml's translated into data that is readable by the recipient of electronically submitted forms...without that person having to re-type the information. This is really key! Needs to get on the IT project list. Might not be all that hard.
  • Conversion of top 30 forms

January 15, 2007

Present: Jennifer Okin and Jen Rinker

  • We discussed various ideas and goals for the project
  • Have plans to narrow down the broad goals for this project to a more direct focus on Thursday

January 17, 2007

Present: Dr. Bradley, Jennifer Okin and Jen Rinker

  • The first part of the goal has been completed, getting all the forms in one location
  • Next step → better organization of the forms
    • Check into a numbering system of the forms based off the budget code (Debbie Stiles has this information)
  • Steer away from PDF forms and work more with Word and Excel documents where the fields are lockable
  • Keep in mind long term goal → After the form is submitted electronically information seperated and moved into databases

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